Healthy for the Holidays with Trainer Brittany Smith

Healthy for the Holidays with Trainer Brittany Smith


The holidays season is here and it can be a challenging time to stick to health and fitness habits. So, I’ve brought you one of my favorite humans today – Brittany Smith – that is passionate about helping other women live their best lives by taking care of their bodies.

She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, and certified in holistic nutrition. She specializes in helping parents reclaim their health and confidence through healthy habits, eating, and exercise. Funny thing is, she was actually not a “fitness person” until about 2016, when she had a realization that something had to change in her life. It’s an awesome story of transformation that she shares in today’s podcast.

Although an expert now, she is still in the thick of it with the rest of us. As a busy entrepreneur and mom of three, she knows it isn’t always easy to keep moving and make healthy choices – especially during the season of pies and cookies – but she also knows that it is definitely worth it.

Today she shares with us some great insights . . .

  • How much is OK to splurge this season

  • What types of movement will help us stay on track

  • How to recover from overindulging at a holiday party

  • And why we shouldn’t just wait until New Years to care for our body

Brittany posts positive, educational, and inspirational content on Facebook – a great follow to support you on your health and fitness journey. You can find her by searching @fitnessbybrittanyd on social media or visit her website

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