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Heal Optimize Thrive

An Integrative System to Recover Energy, Gain Strength, and Age with Vitality Even After Injury.

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What You Will learn:

  • The 10 Health Myths most people believe that aren’t actually true.

  • The most up to date research on how rehab improve health & longevity

  • How to use an integrative system to recover from injuries so they never come back.

  • Our #1 Secret to staying active & independent so you continue to thrive for a lifetime.

real solutions inside:

  • Exactly what to do to fully heal your body for the best quality of life.

  • What to do when you hit roadblocks on your journey to optimal health.

  • How to resolves aches & pains no matter how long you have suffered.

  • A special section of solutions for concerns unique to women 50+

{Our HOT Secrets}

We are giving you all our secrets to recovery and body optimization that make all the difference.

Heal Your Body

Optimize Your Health

Thrive For A Lifetime

“Having had a chance to get an advanced look at the book “Heal, Optimize, Thrive: An Integrative System to Recover Strength, Gain Energy, & Age With Vitality Even After Injury” I can honestly say that Drs. Amanda and Trevor Ling have been able to introduce a proactive angle into the rehabilitation conversation. By introducing their patients, and the world, to the concept of an injury being along a spectrum of health and well being, they move the focus of the work away from the damage of diagnostics and disease and forward towards a lifelong commitment to health and well being. ”

— Dr. Lisa Holland PT, President of Belly Guru LLC and Host of Owning HER Health Podcast

Don’t rob yourself of your best life!

Recovering from an injury isn’t just about stopping the pain, and getting older isn’t an inevitable decline. Modern healthcare focuses on sickness – if you’re not sick or in pain then you must be well. It’s a lie too many of us believe.

True wellness – the kind that gives you energy, strength, and vitality – is about healing the mind and the body, optimizing health, and making choices that will allow you to thrive as you age.

“Drs. Amanda and Trevor Ling have many professional qualifications which has allowed them to develop life changing healthy protocols that you will help you lead a more active and pain free life. One sentence in the book says it all – “A complete mind and body approach is required.”
The authors provided a number of free resources along with the book that are very helpful. This book provides a practical, concise and proven system to enable rapid healing to allow the patient to add more years to their life and more life to their years!”

— Anil Gupta – celebrity mentor –

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“Trevor and Amanda Ling are Physical Therapists who are dedicated to revitalizing the field of rehabilitation. Their new integrated model of healthcare addresses not only musculoskeletal injuries but also incorporates expert nutritional advice, personal training and in person coaching. Trevor and Amanda’s tried and tested approach enables their clients to achieve results not seen in the traditional healthcare model and provides a path to optimal health for a lifetime”

— Paul Jones, physical therapist, entrepreneur, and author of “Five Ways to Wellness”

About the Authors


Drs. Amanda and Trevor Ling are physical therapists who found that their clients weren’t getting lifelong results in the current rehab model. Drawing on over 15 years of experience in healthcare a piece, they designed a new model of care that focuses on health not disease and addresses the whole person not just an injury. Including skilled physiotherapy, injury prevention programs, and wellness coaching this model allows clients to achieve optimal health for a lifetime. They own Peak Potential Physiotherapy & Wellness in Tennessee where they reside with their two children.