Your Pillow Prescription

Pillowise has helped us and our clients get the best night sleep. They offer a unique new take on personal sleep comfort. To get the best possible rest and for your muscles to be at their most relaxed, it is important that you sleep on a pillow that is tailored to your dimensions. In co-operation with physical therapists, Pillowise was developed to help you find your perfect pillow.

It is important that your pillow is not too high and not too low. An appropriate pillow, one that is the correct height and shape, will adapt to the contours of your neck, is comfortably soft and gives great support. To determine your perfect pillow match, you need to get measured – and that takes just a few minutes in our office. 

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What is pillowise?

Finally, a pillow that measures up! Pillowise offers a unique new take on personal sleep comfort. The result is proper support and alignment for better quality sleep, less pain and stiffness in your neck, shoulders, and back, as well as headache relief.

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Perfect Pillow Size

Using a unique measuring method we can quickly determine the most suitable pillow for your individual body shape and sleep position. In order to determine the correct size and shape of your pillow your measurements need to be taken. This can be done in our office in just a few minutes.

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Every Pillowise pillow comes with a 30 day comfort guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied after 30 days, you will get a replacement or a refund. There is an additional 5 year product warranty from the manufacturer.