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We specialize in helping people of all ages transform their health after setbacks from illness or injury to create a vibrant, active lifestyle for a lifetime.

Physical Therapist Dr. Amanda Ling

Have you come to your wits end after struggling with an illness or injury that has drained your energy, while affecting your weight, sleep, and well being? Have you reached a plateau in your physical performance or body composition that you just can’t get past? If you feel you have been putting Band-Aids on these problems for long enough, we want to dig into all the areas that may have been left unattended for far too long.

The problem most of us face is where to start. It stops us in our tracks! This is why we want to offer you a FREE Wellness Discovery Session to help you get a crystal clear vision for your ideal, healthy lifestyle.  In fact, if you could push a button and be back in perfect shape, at your most confident weight, and living in your healthiest body, what would that look like to you?

Let’s work together to make that transformation possible in your life and troubleshoot what might be standing in the way. Start with a NO Obligation one on one session to help you decide the next best step in your health and wellness journey.  Click the link below to request your FREE Discovery Session.

Physical Therapist Chatting with Patient

We Empower people at midline to transform their movement, meals, mindset, and metabolism to live their most vibrant life in a body they feel confident in.

If you’ve suffered an injury that derailed your fitness and nutrition habits, we can get you back on track.

If you’re frustrated with an illness that has you stuck in unhealthy habits, we can show you the right path to take.

If your body is resisting the healing process, and you just don’t understand why, we can get to the root cause.

It can be difficult to answer any of these questions on your own, which is why we propose this journey of discovery together. We encourage you to call or email the office to get your questions answered.

Are you overwhelmed by all the hot-button health topics? Our wellness coach can weed through the facts and fiction to help you find what works best for YOUR BODY!

Our Wellness Coach is uniquely trained as a doctor of physical therapy, personal trainer, and certified nutrition specialist to take a whole body, personalized approach with each client. Call us and come in for a free discovery session to find out what is really affecting your ability to live your healthy lifestyle again.

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