Demystify Your First Physical Therapy Visit

Visiting a new healthcare provider can be overwhelming and confusing. Then add on pain and frustration from failed attempts at recovery. No wonder these emotions keep many people from seeking physical therapy when they need it the most.

It doesn’t have to be this way. A new encounter with a physical therapist can be encouraging, empowering, and even enjoyable. Let us outline the information you need to know.

Paperwork. Ugh! Although no one likes to fill out forms, the information you provide is essential to providing you the best care.  It also ensures coverage from your insurance company. Many offices allow you to print this out ahead of time from their website.

At Peak Potential, we utilize IPads for you to quickly input your data and move onto the important stuff. Bring with you any preprinted paperwork, your insurance card, medication list, and any related medical reports from your physician to expedite this process.

A licensed physical therapist will perform a medical history and detailed orthopedic assessment. This includes an evaluation of muscle strength, joint motion and mobility, posture, and balance. They will perform standardized tests to get a baseline measurement of your impairments to objectively track your progress.

From the therapist, you will receive instruction on your condition, discussion about your treatment plan, an explanation of what to expect, and time to answer your questions. You will collaborate with the therapist to set personalized short and long term goals.

During this visit, interventions will be initiated with hands on techniques to begin to relieve pain and address your chief complaint. Education will be an important part of this visit to achieve the following:
• Teach you exercises to do at home
• Instruct you on techniques to minimize pain
• Explain how to avoid reinjury
• Relay ways to speed recovery

The biggest thing we need you to show up with is commitment to yourself and the process. This includes a clear picture of your availability for treatment sessions. The therapist will recommend a specific frequency in your plan of care in order to reach your goals.

It is in your best interest to schedule all visits out upfront. This allows us to best meet your schedule needs and take mutual responsibility for reaching your peak potential.

Call today at 901-316-5456. Let’s do this!