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If you desire to keep active and love feeling healthy and you’re looking to find one of the best kept “secrets” in protecting joints and easing muscle tension, to keep active and exercise with less pain, then please read this important message. Whether you want to walk with friends, run after work, or play golf on the weekend WITHOUT being forced to stop because of nagging joint pain or tight muscles, then you are likely to benefit from Prescription Foot Orthotics.

But it doesn’t have to be… It’s often as easy as having your feet and joints in your body put into the right position, by changing what you wear inside ANY shoes, so you can go about your day, carry on with exercising to help protect your health as well as keep active with friends, children and grandkids, for years to come… WITHOUT the fear of daily, annoying and chronic joint pain or muscle tension FORCING you to STOP.

If that sounds like something that you came looking for, then I’ll ask you to consider this next:

If You’ve Come To This Page Because You’re FED Up With Being Unable To Exercise or Perform at your best, Worried You’re Not Recovering Like You Should And Want A Specialist, To Get it Sorted Out PROPERLY,

Think of it like this… When cracks appear in a house… it’s a warning that something is not right with the foundation. And your body is much the same… only it’s your FEET which act as the foundations and the noises like “clicks and cracks” start to appear from joints. Adding Prescription Foot Orthotics to your shoes gives your body the foundational support to let you keep active for longer and do it with much less pain.

Tip: If your feet are in the wrong position, your ankle, knee, hip and lower back joints are too… and with time, neck and shoulder joints are affected, often the reason people end up with unhealthy and unattractive postures as they get older.

  • You love to keep active or exercising and feeling healthy is an important part of your life that you don’t want to lose.
  • You LOVE to run and WANT to save unwanted muscles and joint problems meaning you can run further for longer
  • You like to play golf… but always struggle to get round the course without joint pain and you don’t want to have to stop.
  • You wake up each morning after you’ve been active or suffering with knee, hip, ankle or back pain and STIFFNESS
  • You have a history of Osteoarthritis in your family, and want to protect your joints AND your future lifestyle from it.
  • You’ve bought cheap inserts in the past but were disappointed with the results and felt you didn’t get the benefit.
  • Exercise SAFELY for longer without the fear of damage being done to your joints.
  • Live WITHOUT days of aches and pains, or muscle tension as a consequence of an active weekend.
  • Drastically reduce the risk of your joints being savaged with arthritis pains, too early…
  • Live with MORE energy…fighting pain and inflammation ZAPS your energy. When you sleep easier, and your energy is not being wasted, you wake up fresher each morning and still have stamina at the end of a busy day.

Or, Maybe You’d Like To Talk On The Phone Before You Go Any Further…

If have questions, or you’d like to find out for certain if your health and lifestyle needs CAN be helped by orthotics, start by talking to one of our Specialist Physical Therapists who will provide advice, tips and guidance in making the right decision. Just click the Orange button below and fill out the simple form for a Free Telephone Consultation.

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We are able to offer a Free Physical Therapy “Discovery” Session which is perfect for people suffering with ANY type of PAIN or (Stiffness) who could ENJOY life much more WITHOUT it. You’ll leave your “Taster” knowing exactly WHAT’S GOING WRONG and it’s perfect for anyone who would like to be SHOWN how Specialist Physical Therapy works before UPGRADING to all the extra benefits included in a full consultation.

Hurry: For obvious reasons the “Free Discovery Sessions” are limited and given away on a first-come, first-served basis. To secure yours before they are all reserved, please just fill out this 30 second form NOW. The more we know about you, the better we can help you…