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Recovery Package

Learn how ANY injured athlete can RECOVER FASTER. End the frustration of being left behind, and put a stop to the ‘FEAR’ that so often comes with running, cycling, or playing again after an injury!

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Whether you hit the gym after work, you’re a serious club RUNNER, an all weather GOLFER, or a 25K weekend CYCLIST who is currently frustrated by an injury that just won’t heal on its own, then you ARE looking in the right place for help. This is likely to be the most IMPORTANT message you will read since your injury!

Regardless of how long you have experienced the nagging pain or have been frustrated by your lack of progress, please know that what’s ailing you is UNLIKELY to be anything more serious than what I have seen in all of my years of working with both weekend warriors and top athletes. Whatever your concern, it’s VERY likely that I have a solution to HELP you and it’s one that WILL see you active and exercising again, QUICKLY.

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Desperate To Know What’s Wrong, As Well As How Soon It Can Be Put Right? Then I Have A Solution That Will HELP You…

Before I show you how I can help, first let me tell you my advice is nothing like what is given out by others.  I’m a Specialist Orthopedic Manual Therapist who has already spent years working on fields, at races, in athletic training, and in treatment rooms where I learned many of the tactics I’m about to share with you.

Know this! Whether you’ve pulled a calf muscle running, have a damaged hamstring, a painful golfers achilles, a twisted knee, a sprained ankle, or are suffering from runner’s knee or shin splints, I have seen and treated your injury MANY times in my career already.

Do any of these sound like the type of RECOVERY you’ve been searching for?

  • You’re a golfer or runner with a dull ache or even severe pain in your Achilles tendon.
  • You’re a runner suffering with pain on the OUTSIDE of your knee or a tight IT Band (A.K.A – Runners knee).
  • You think you might have shin splints, a calf strain or an ankle sprain that won’t completely recover.
  • You can’t understand why the hamstring you injured weeks ago won’t let you train without getting tight and painful.
  • You’re a cyclist or golfer with a stiff, achy, painful lower back.
  • You value the enjoyment you get from your training too highly to risk suffering any long term complications.
  • You don’t like the “painkillers and rest” option others advice, nor do you like the generic exercises you’ve been given.

If you’ve come to this page because you’re fed up with being unable to exercise or perform at your best, worried you’re not recovering like you should and want a specialist, to get it sorted out PROPERLY...

I have a proven solution that works whether you’re recovering from an injury days, weeks, or even months old. I am going to be able to help you FAST. You will be active and find more enjoyment from exercise because you’ll leave my care fit and able to be active without any fear of being re-injured.

Our Specialty Recovery Program involves my team and I working on you in person, and by hand, using all of our BEST techniques to bring about a FAST end to the scar tissue, stiffness, and tightness that is keeping you on the sidelines. We’ll end your concerns and worries by answering all of your questions as well. We offer our advanced skills of dry needling and Astym (soft tissue manipulation) to speed recovery and enhance performance. We can also recommend the BEST exercises to make you stronger and more flexible. All of these techniques are going to make a POSITIVE difference to your mobility, speed, and stamina.

If all of that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then start by making a simple and no hassle inquiry about cost and availability. Just click the orange button below and fill out a short questionnaire.

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