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FREE REPORT: 7 Secret Recovery Strategies That Pro Athletes Know and Use

Dr. Trevor Ling

Whether you JOG 2 miles after work, you are a “HARD CORE” RUNNER training for your next half-marathon, a die-hard GOLFER, or a mile 50 weekend CYCLIST who is currently frustrated by an injury that just won’t seem to heal on its own, then you ARE looking in the right place for help and this is likely to be the most IMPORTANT message you will read since being injured.

And despite how long you may have been frustrated by your lack of progress, please know that what you’ve got is UNLIKELY to be anything more serious than what I have seen in my years of working in Professional and Olympic Athletes. Whatever the root cause is, it’s VERY likely that I have a solution to HELP you and it’s one that WILL see you active and exercising again, within days from now.

The doctors don’t all agree with us… but Sports Injuries should be taken seriously. After all, being injured STOPS you from taking part in something that is very IMPORTANT to you, not to mention adds huge VALUE and satisfaction to your life and helps keep you healthy. Although all that is something that appears to be lost on many physicians and general physical therapists these days.

If You Are Frustrated By Your Lack Of Progress And Are Desperate To Know What’s Wrong, As Well As How Soon It Can Be Fixed, Then I Have A Solution That Will HELP You…

Before I show you how I can help, first let me distance myself from other Physical Therapists out there, and that most definitely includes the ones from those BIG, unfriendly, clinics because mine is nothing like the advice given out by them. Simply because I’m a Specialist Sports Physical Therapist who has already spent years working with some of the best athletes in the World. I have worked with professional, amateur, and student athletes  and this is where I learned many of the tactics I’m about to share with you.

Know this…Whether you’ve pulled a calf muscle running, have a damaged hamstring, a painful golfers Achilles, a twisted knee, a sprained ankle or are suffering from runners’ knee or shin splints, I have seen and recovered quickly your injury MANY times in my career already.

And as I’m sure you’ll appreciate – working with professional athletes, there is no such thing as just “waiting to see how an injury goes”. Athletes who perform for their livelihood – they want results and they want to be fit FAST. Time is of the essence and every day that passes by is crucial.

And the good news for you, I’ve been able to bring with me all of my secret recovery tactics, expert techniques and “do this today, do that tomorrow” advice and share it all with grassroots and “weekend athletes” to HELP them get fit, and stay fit, in the exact same way.

And so far, it’s worked like crazy!

I’m going to be able to show you exactly what you’ve done, I’ll use all my experience and knowledge to tell you exactly how long it will take to get going again WITHOUT pain (down to the day), and I’ll make a BIG call on exactly what you can safely be doing to exercise and for how long.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in or what you came looking for? If so, call the clinic using 901-316-5456, or, click the button below and confirm your details.

There is a limited number of free copies of this report available – so please act today.


Trevor Ling, Leading Physical Therapist in the Mid South

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