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Why We're Different

Compassion. Individual Care. Collaboration.

Our focus is on you and your optimal health.

Physical Therapist Dr. Trevor Ling Treating a Patient


We approach each patient’s unique circumstances with compassion and a profound desire to relieve pain AND help regain freedom. We are active listeners and collaborative communicators — our professional medical team genuinely wants to offer the best therapies and strategies for your recovery and well-being.


  • Undivided attention and a comprehensive plan to achieve pain-free freedom.
  • Unparalleled care and compassion, consistently.
  • Open communication and dialogue every step of the way.
  • Medical professionals with years of experience.
  • Multidisciplinary specialists with the most up-to-date knowledge thanks to ongoing education.
  • Treatments that address the root causes of chronic pain, not the symptoms.
  • The latest and most positively impactful holistic techniques and treatment
  • Expert support in achieving full performance potential and optimal quality of life.
The Peak Potential Physiotherapy & Wellness team is here to limp, walk, or run with you to the next milestone (and each one afterward!) on your unique journey. We are excited to get you started!

Want Some Help to Get There Faster?

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Discovery Session

Please tell us where to contact you with the outcome of the Free Discovery Session application:

Arrange Your Free (20 Minutes) Telephone Consultation With A Physical Therapist

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We are able to offer a Free Physical Therapy “Discovery” Session which is perfect for people suffering with ANY type of PAIN or (Stiffness) who could ENJOY life much more WITHOUT it. You’ll leave your “Taster” knowing exactly WHAT’S GOING WRONG and it’s perfect for anyone who would like to be SHOWN how Specialist Physical Therapy works before UPGRADING to all the extra benefits included in a full consultation.

Hurry: For obvious reasons the “Free Discovery Sessions” are limited and given away on a first-come, first-served basis. To secure yours before they are all reserved, please just fill out this 30 second form NOW. The more we know about you, the better we can help you…