The Truth About Manual Therapy That Can End Your Pain Struggle










We often receive questions from patients about

how we are different from other physical

therapy clinics they have been to in the past.

We could give you a long list including our

passion, empathy, fun environment, and

stellar team.


However, today we are going to discuss one

fundamental difference between us and many

others. . . . that is our clinicians are certified

orthopedic manual therapists.  This is the

basis from which they approach your evaluation

and treatment plan. It is a very different

experience from what you may have received

at an “exercise based” clinic.


So what is manual therapy?


Manual physical therapy is a specialized form

of physical therapy delivered with the hands of

the clinician. In manual therapy, practitioners

use their hands to put pressure on muscle tissue

and joints.


Manual physical therapy involves restoring

movement to stiff joints and reducing muscle

tightness. The goal is to return the patient to a

more natural movement without pain. This is

achieved through increasing joint range of

motion, decreasing inflammation of surrounding

tissues, and inducing muscle relaxation. This

provides the tissue ease of movement, more

rapid repair, and improved stability.


What will we actually do to you?


Treatment by a manual therapist may include

moving joints in specific directions and at

different speeds to regain movement, stretching

of muscles, passively moving the affected body

part or having you move against the therapist’s



When manual therapy is added to a full therapy

treatment plan, we are better able to facilitate

movement, modulate pain, and improve function.

Our ultimate goal . . . helping you attain optimal

health, return to your loved activities, and

minimize disability associated with progression

of muscle and joint problems.


Who will benefit from manual therapy?


Manual therapy has been shown in numerous

studies to be an effective component of treatment

in a wide range of conditions.  Commonly seen

problems include arthritis, tendon damage or

inflammation, back injury, and neck pain.


A study done in 2000 investigated patients treated

for neck pain.  Those treated with hands on manual

therapy techniques that included joint and  muscle

mobilization as part of a comprehensive physical

therapy program showed greatest improvement

in symptoms.  The participants in this group

used less prescription medication and missed

fewer days of work. These factors led to faster

recovery and less out-of-pocket expenses.


Another study, “Effectiveness of manual physical

therapy and exercise in osteoarthritis of the knee”

also combined manual therapy with supervised

exercise.  They again showed this combination

most beneficial. It yielded functional benefits for

all the patients and prevented the need for future

surgical intervention for many.


Why should I see a physical therapist

for manual therapy?


It may seem that manual therapy is similar to

other types of treatments, such as massage, or

chiropractic.  Physical therapists have a unique

education and perspective in the use of manual



One key differences is in the assessment process

behind the treatment. There is a continuous cycle

of assessment, treatment, reassessment, and

further treatment based on the patient’s response

to the therapy provided.  There is no one size fits

all protocol.  The most appropriate personalized

exercise program can then be initiated according

to the patient’s response to manual treatment.


A comprehensive physical therapy treatment

programs consist of  educating you about the

cause of the problem,  “hands on” manual

techniques and instructions in exercise to

improve function.  In addition, the plan will

aim to restore or improve movement, activity,

and functioning.  This enables optimal

performance and ultimately enhances health,

well-being, and quality of life.


Why should I call Peak Potential?


All physical therapists have the option to use

manual therapy in their practices.  However,

many don’t spend the time or the resources to

become efficient in this area of practice.


The capable hands of our Certified Orthopedic

Manual Therapists can detect the difference

between a joint and muscle limiting your

movement or causing pain.  When you know

exactly what is restricting movement, we can

then choose the most appropriate form of

manual therapy to affect the change needed

to get you the results you want.


Human touch is an essential ingredient in our

treatment philosophy and approach, and for

good reason. Our patients consistently respond

positively to hands-on work when combined

with exercise and education.


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