9 Last Minute Marathon Tips That Will Improve Your Race This Weekend







You have trained for months through the heat,

rain, and now cold mornings.  You now prepare

to carb load for your weekend race.


But, is there anything else you can do this late

in the game to prepare?


It may be the little things that will improve

your time and enjoyment of your race this



Here are 9 practical ways to get yourself ready:


    1. Drink More Water


Not just on race day. . . all week long. . .

drink more water!  I know many of you plan to

reward yourself with a post race beer. However,

leading up to the race avoid alcohol, because it

will dehydrate you.


Two primary reasons you need to fill your cells

with water before a race. . .

First, hydrated muscles are less likely to be

injured.  Second, hydration regulates your blood

flow and blood pressure.


2. Listen to Your Body


You have worked too hard to miss race day due

to injury.  Don’t ignore warning signs of injury.

Get help NOW for any aches, pains, or tightness.


If you call us for help (901-316-5456), let us

know you have a race this weekend and we will

get your fit into the schedule ASAP!


3. Care for Your Feet


You don’t necessarily have to run out and get a

pedicure (but it’s a good excuse).  However, you

do want to cut your toe nails and treat any

calluses.  You don’t want anything rubbing or

irritated inside of your shoes.


4. Set Your Morning Plans


Have everything set out and ready a few days

in advance.  This allows you time to pick up

anything you may have forgotten.  Also, it is

one less thing mentally to have to be anxious

about. Finally, every decision you can make

ahead of time allows more mental energy for

your race.


Don’t forget your tech gear, shoes, clothes,

energy snacks, and disposable layers for the

cold. In addition, go ahead and plan out your

transportation and post race meet ups.


5. Add a Yoga Session


Consider a few sessions of restorative yoga.

The benefits will include stress relief, improved

joint movement, increased energy, and better



If you don’t feel comfortable enough to go to a

class, try a few poses with us from home. Look for

a video demonstration specifically for runners on

our Facebook page this week.


6. Fuel Your Body


You have probably been dialing in your nutrition

for months now to optimize your health and

training.  If not, now is the time to focus on

getting your body what it needs to perform at

it’s best.


Good options for this week are complex

carbohydrates like oatmeal, brown rice, fruits,

and vegetables. Continue to consume good

sources of protein and healthy fats to fuel your

muscles as well.  Remember, you body is better

able to use and fuel itself from unprocessed



7. Switch Your Footwear


I am NOT talking about your running shoes!

Now is not the ideal time to break in a new

pair of shoes.  I want you to consider your

non-running shoes.  Specifically, ditching your

high heels for the week. Yes, this includes the

cute wedge booties you just bought.


Shoes with a heel or wedge distort your balance,

strains your calf muscles, and causes nerve

inflammation.  All things that will negatively

effect your running form and comfort.


8. Protect Your Gut


It’s common to hear runners complain about

race day gastrointestinal distress (more trips

than they would like to the porta-pots). There

are a few ways to prevent gut issues.


First, try to avoid added sugars and artificial

sweeteners. Next, eat plenty of fiber through

your foods or a supplement.  Finally, a large

dose of probiotics for a few days should help.


9. Mental Practice


All the Olympic athletes do it, so why not you?

Spend some quiet time with your eyes closed.

Visualize an amazing start, persevering when

it gets tough, and see yourself crossing that

finish line.  In addition, it is helpful to mentally

review the course map so you know what’s



I hope this is helpful to the novice marathon

runner.  If this is your second, third, or

twentieth race. . . share below in the comments

your favorite last minute tips and rituals.