7 Training Truths To Keep You Motivated When You Are Too Busy To Exercise


Conceptual portrait of a business lady with clock being short of time



It seems nearly impossible to fit exercise into

an already busy schedule.  And isn’t that what

we all are right now. . . busy!


Can we all agree that exercise is important

to our health?  I have to say, it is even more

important to my sanity.


No one ever argues with me as to whether

or not they should be exercising.  The problem

lies in actually doing it. The excuse I most

often hear is, “I don’t have the time”.


So, let’s talk about some tips and tricks of

training that can always help us make

exercise a priority on our to do list.

However, they can be even more critical in

times when your schedule doesn’t show any

margin for extra curriculars.


 1. Make a Commitment


This may sound too simple.  However,

actually making a deliberate decision to

make exercise a priority in your life can be

very powerful.


Don’t tell yourself “I’m going to try to work

out”.  Something else is sure to get in the

way.  Write it on your calendar and make it

a non negotiable commitment just as you

would a meeting with a business partner.


 2. Plan Ahead


As much as possible, plan out each workout

or activity you will participate in.  Don’t leave

the most important things in your life to chance.


As I said before, be sure to honor this

appointment just as you would if it was with

someone else.


 3. Start By Moving


Don’t make your plans so lofty that you will

need a full afternoon to make them happen.

Start by planning a 15-20 minute workout

(or walk) in the morning.


Movement in the morning, will wake you up

and make you more productive through your

day.  Although it’s not always possible, it feels

great when I can start my day with a win!


 4. Leverage Teamwork


Find a partner with similar goals and hold each

other accountable.  This can be a physical gym

date or texting a friend each morning. If you

exercise at home, text them when you put in

that workout DVD to be sure they are hitting

play as well.


If you don’t have someone in your life to team

up with, sign up for a class (especially those that

you pay as you go).  If you have paid for that

time in advance, you are more likely to show up.


 5. Stay Nourished


Be sure to stay fed and watered.  When we are

busy, we are more likely to skip meals and that

drains our energy.  Take along healthy snacks

like fruit or nuts so you aren’t caught hungry at

the vending machine.


If you fuel your body well, it will be much

happier to cooperate with your after work plans.

In addition, drink plenty of water as hydration

improves your energy, focus, and cravings.


6. Track Your Activity


I have found that my activity tracker is a great

motivator when I don’t feel like moving much.  I

walk the dog a little further and take that parking

place further from the store.


I actually earn points that accumulate to savings

at my favorite stores when I reach my goal each

day.  In addition, it keeps my goals top of mind.


 7. Think Positively


Fill your mind with positive thoughts. . . Mantras

of “I am strong” and “I can do this”.


Don’t self sabotage by beating yourself up after

one bad meal or a missed workout.  Focus on

consistency rather than perfection.  Gratitude

and appreciation for what your body does for you

everyday can motivate you to invest your

precious time in caring for it.


The thought of staying healthy and working out

can seem impossible during busy seasons of your

life.  However, with a little planning and

prioritizing I believe you can do it.


I promise you, it will be worth it.


If you need more help staying accountable,

inquire about our health coaching and group

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