10 Ways to Keep Your Skin Safe (and Still Enjoy Your Holiday Weekend)

Being outside for pool parties, barbecues, and beach trips make summertime so much fun!

How can we spend time outside with our friends and family and still protect our skin from the sun?

Bear with me, I promise I will get to those 10 tips in a minute . . . .

This morning I sat at my dermatologists office for my yearly skin exam. As I waited for my appointment, I realized that exactly 15 years ago I was in a dermatologist’s office with a diagnosis of malignant melanoma.

It was just months before my wedding and plastic surgery for removal of skin cancer was not in my wedding plan.

I was very fortunate that the melanoma was caught very early (called in situ). The only treatment that was required was removal of the area of skin around the melanoma to ensure all cancer cells were gone.

Still, there was surgery and stitches and scars that were frustrating to this bride to be. Fortunately, the scars were less noticeable than I had imagined by the time the wedding came around and I was motivated more than ever to lather on the sunscreen during our beach honeymoon.

The type of skin cancer I had was not related to sun exposure but does put me at greater risk for those types of lesions as well. What is your risk?

Well, 1 in 5 Americans will develop some form of skin cancer in their lifetime. Whether you have a personal or family history or not, those aren’t odds to play around with. Going forward, I know I need to do everything I can to protect myself and my family from the harmful effects of UV rays.

If skin cancer doesn’t concern you enough to take action. . .

Did you know that 90% of visible changes attributed to aging are caused by the sun?

So lets just agree that whether it is for health reasons or anti aging, we need to take care of the largest organ in our body . . . our skin!

Here are some tips on how to to that while still enjoying warm summer holiday weekends outside.

  1. Limit sun exposure when rays are strongest between 10am and 2pm.

  2. Apply an SPF of 30 or higher every day whether you have a lot of outdoor activities planned our not.

  3. Apply extra sunscreen 30 minutes before direct exposure to allow the product to be absorbed.

  4. Replace sunscreen when expired (most will last about 2 years).

  5. Apply a full 1oz of sunscreen per hour, not just a barely there light coating.

  6. Avoid toxins on your skin such as those found in beauty products and cleaning supplies.

  7. Eat foods high in antioxidants including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Quercetin, and Zinc.

  8. Get enough vitamin D with 20 minutes of full sun exposure during the less damaging hours of the day or supplement with a quality product.

  9. Wear Wide Brimmed hats, protective, clothing, and sunglasses for more coverage.

  10. Schedule a skin check with your dermatologist so any problems can be identified and taken care of early.

Do you think these are things you could implement for yourself and even your whole family?

It seems crazy, but if we use sunscreen in the correct amount and frequency, my family of 4 should go through an entire bottle of sunscreen just this weekend.

Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy your holiday from all of us at Peak Potential Physiotherapy & Wellness! But, please be intentional bout your sun exposure and health of your skin.

If you are looking for daily sun protection, skin care products that don’t contain harmful toxins, antioxidant supplements, or collagen to support healthy skin and aging . . . we would love to share our healthy & clean favorites with you.