Commit to 10,000 Steps To Improve Your Day

beautiful mother and daughter walking in the forest




How can a target of 10,000 steps a day improve 

your health and lifestyle?


Well, anything you do to avoid prolonged sitting will

benefit your health.  I believe one of the healthiest

habits you can incorporate into your life is walking

10,000 steps every day.


Though not true for everything in fitness, when it

comes to walking, more is better. But, why is more

walking better?


First of all, people who walk regularly decrease their

chance of a coronary event (such as heart attack or

stroke) by 31%.  That’s huge!  In addition, studies

have proven a decreased chance of dementia, diabetes,

depression, and multiple forms of cancer.


Here are other benefits of a daily walking habit:


1. Aides in weight loss by increasing the number of

calories you burn in a day.

2. Improves your sense of well being by decreasing

production of stress hormones.

3. Improves your endurance or ability to do  more

with greater ease.

4. Allows you to move into a more strenuous fitness

program more easily.

5. Improves energy reserve to independently

complete your daily activities.

6. Improves your sleep and will reset your sleep

cycle if you walk outside in the morning.

7. Improves your mental health while decreasing

anxiety and depression.

8. Ignites your creativity by having time alone with

your thoughts.

9. Helps you solve difficult problems you may face

by clearing the cob webs in your head.

10. Improves function of your cardiovascular

system and decreases risk of disease.



So, does that list convince you that you need to make

walking a priority every day?


The next questions is, why 10,000 steps?


This seems like an arbitrary number.  Well, in some

ways it is.  However, I like 10,000 steps as a starting



Dependent on leg length and step length, 10,000

steps is about 5 miles.  This is a doable goal for most,

but still challenging as it is a longer distance than the

average person walks each day.


It is proven that people improve a habit when they

have a specific goal to hit.  Your goal can’t just be

“walk more”.


With 10,000 steps you either do it or you don’t.  At

the end of the day I can take pride in the fact that I

reached my goal.  The fireworks that go off on my

Fit Bit screen are unusually satisfying as well.


Finally, you don’t need to carve out large blocks of time

to  reach this goal either.


There are many tricks to adding steps to your


  • Pick a farther parking space
  • Socialize on a walk instead of coffee
  • Take a walk during your lunch hour
  • Make a lap during a commercial break
  • Walk while on the phone
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Play outside with your kids
  • Take your dog for several short walks


I feel like I get the greatest benefit from a morning

walk.  By starting my day this way, I am more likely

to make health choices throughout the rest of my day.


Also, I don’t run out of time or energy in the evening

and feel tempted to skip a walk.  In addition, it creates

energy and momentum that improve my overall daily



Do you find that you just don’t want to get out

of that chair?  Remind your self why you want to get

your steps in and why you want to improve your health.


Thinking about how you want to remain independent,

walk with your friends on the golf course, or be a

positive role model for your kids can be a much more

powerful motivator than “getting healthy”.  Improving

your golf game is like the Trojan horse for decreasing

your risk of a heart attack.


If aches, pains, or stiffness are keeping you from getting

out of bed or your chair to walk, that we can help with.

It is often an easy fix of stretches, alignment, or

orthotics that will make a walking program more



Comment below with what motivates you to move

more.  What is your Trojan horse?  Sharing may just

help others who are trying to find motivation to start

this new health habit.