5 Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts and Treats They Will Love










So many of us made New Year’s resolutions just a month

ago to live healthier.  We are working hard to establish

new habits that (hopefully) are leaving us feeling amazing.


Cue February and our friends and loved ones shower us

with sugar laden treats and wine. NO!!


Those of you shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts this next

week may be saying “but I have no choice but that heart

shaped box of chocolates”.  This is where I have to  say you

are wrong.


How about supporting your loved one in their wellness

efforts?  Wouldn’t it be nice to surprise them with

something different this year?


Here are some fun ideas that your other half will not be

expecting (and will absolutely love and appreciate you for).


1. Get Out In Nature


Plan a special date out in nature.  Take a hike and breath in

some fresh air.  It’s a great way to spend quality time with

your significant other while getting in some good exercise

and conversation.  Getting outdoors and in nature is shown

to boost your mood and energy as well.


Talk about a “gift of health”.  Walking can help lower blood

pressure, manage weight, and reduce risk for diabetes.


2. Gift Certificates to Try Something New


Golf lessons?  Tennis? Ice skating by the river?


Whether you are amateurs or pros, taking a lesson

together is fun and active. Research also indicates learning

a new skill will improve brain power and memory.


3. Give a Massage


From you or a professional, a massage is pampering and

healthy.  It helps eliminate waste products as well as

tension from the muscles. Your loved one will relax, fell

calm, and most importantly be taken care of.


4. Draw them an Epom Salt Bath with candles


A great way to detox and relax . . . an Epsom salt bath

is full of health benefits.  Just 2 cups of inexpensive

magnesium salts and a few drops of essential oils will help

your valentine unwind.  The salts draw out impurities

from the skin and body leaving one feeling destressed and

even depuffed.


5. Health Products


It might not seem very romantic, but products that help

your loved one maintain their new years resolutions and

a healthier lifestyle can be well received.  How about a

gift basket with an energy drink and breakfast bars to

make the mornings easier on everyone.  Here’s a link to

my favorite Spark and Meal Bar.


I believe that any gift or experience that breaks up your

norm everyday activity can be fun. A scavenger hunt

around town after work. . . . a picnic in front of the fire

place for dinner.


In the long run, it will be the creative dates and the time

spent together that we all remember, not the expensive



How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?

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