7 Lifestyle Changes That Accelerate Healing









Do you have back pain or a knee injury that limits

your movement?


How about an autoimmune disorder that affects

multiple joints at once?


Pain and lack of mobility involved with injury or

illness can be overwhelming, intimidating, and

frustrating.  Our natural tendency is to go to bed

and wait for our body to heal.  Unfortunately,

less physical activity just leads to more disability,

more pain, and weight gain that just adds to our

list of problems.


Healing is not a passive process.  With the right

combination of nutrition, movements, and

mindset we can accelerate our bodies ability to



A complete mind and body approach, as our brain

has a large influence on our ability to recover.

Your thoughts, emotions, and feelings all

contribute to your experience of being “well” or

being “sick”


Scientific studies show you can make a big impact

on your healing process by following a few simple



1. Drink Water


And plenty of it!  Our bodies are made up of 70%

water. It is the basic component of healthy tissue.

It’s difficult for your body to heal without it.


2. Eat Nutritiously


When your body is trying to heal, it is all the

more important to eat nutritiously.  Our bodies

require the right building blocks for healthy

tissue to form and food is your foundation.


Eliminate toxic food and empty calories.  Replace

the junk with good whole foods, and magical

healing occurs.


3. Get Plenty of Rest


Many of our bodies healing processes take place

when we sleep. This is the time when growth

hormone is produced at it’s highest, and it is

critical to the formation of new tissues.


Deep breathing or yoga poses can calm the body,

relax muscles, and rest the nervous system for a

restorative night of sleep.


4. Maintain a healthy activity level


Unless you have been told otherwise by a trusted

healthcare provider, stay active.  Our bodies

were made for movement, not to remain static.


This is when all your body’s system function at

their best. You may believe that any type of

movement is unattainable because of your injury

or illness, but it’s exactly what you need for a



5. Stretch


Slowly moving and stretching our tissues guide

your body as it heals.  This allows new tissues to

be laid down properly. It keeps your body moving

in the way it was designed avoiding scar tissue

being laid down in stiff or shortened positions.


6. Maintain a positive attitude


If you feel like you can accomplish something,

then you probably can.  A good, positive attitude

is shown to significantly effect outcomes of

recovery from illness and injury.


7. Share love and laughter


People who share quality time  and laughter

with those they love on a regular basis are not

only happier, but healthier as well.  A positive

support system encourages us when we have a

bad day and celebrates even our smallest



Most of all believe you can!


Your mind can have a powerful effect on your

healing, for better or for worse.  Most people

don’t realize that their negative thoughts and

self talk may be keeping them in a cycle of

illness and pain that is preventing a full recovery.


Your body is resilient and has a remarkable

ability to heal.  However, it needs your help!


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