Why Women Should Take Up Golf to Improve Their Wellness









Golf is a unique sport in that it can be played by everyone.

Regardless of age, gender, or ability you can get out on the

course and enjoy the game.  In addition, it is one of the few

sports in which men and women can complete alongside

one another.


However, according to the National Golf Foundation less

than 20% of golfers are female.  This is unfortunate,

because as well as being a fun way to spend a few hours

with friends, it is a great way for women to stay fit and

healthy.  Here’s why. . .


Golf is great exercise.


If you walk the course, you will easily accumulate the

10,000 steps that we are supposed to walk every day for

physical well-being.  You don’t even have to work up a

sweat to burn off at least 500 calories (about the same as

your hour of Zumba).  If you carry your clubs, you will burn

even more calories and improve your upper body strength.


Golf contributes to better mental health.


The physical and mental aspects of golf can help reduce the

risk of anxiety and depression. A game of golf releases

mood enhancing endorphins that combine with the benefits

of being outdoors (more vitamin D) to lift your spirits.


Improved blood flow to the brain, as well as the

concentration required, could even fight dementia.  Just be

sure you allow the game to be a time to relax and reduce

stress, NOT add to it.


Golf maintains an active and independent lifestyle. 


Typically, women take up golf later in life than men.  This is

great new, because the physical benefits of playing golf

actually increase as you age.  Your balance and muscle

endurance are improved by swinging the club and walking

the course.


This keeps you going for longer, with balance and grace,

which prevents falls. In addition, studies have found golf

can help women prevent and treat more than 40 chronic

diseases such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and certain



Golf helps you live longer.


There is evidence from a Swedish Medical University study

that golfers live longer.  Factors contributing to this include

lower cholesterol levels, healthy body weight, and overall

improved wellness.


The death rate of golfers was found to be 40 percent lower

than for other people of the same sex, age, and

socioeconomic status.  This corresponds to a 5 year increase

in life expectancy.


Still not convinced? If you are a woman and think golf is

only for your dad or husband, here are some additional

reasons you may want to rethink that:

  • The sport requires finesse instead of brute strength
  • It’s a great excuse to spend an afternoon with friends
  • It’s played in the most beautiful places on earth
  • There are cocktails at the end of the game
  • It’s an excuse to buy new clothes


The biggest barriers to women taking up golf is time and

money.  However, with research backing the benefits it

may be a small price to pay for health and independence,

especially as women age and tend to shy away from higher

impact sports they previously participated in.  Think of golf

as an investment in your wellness!


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