Give Your Exercise Routine a Quarantine Spring Cleaning


If you are anything like our family, you may be taking a little extra time right now for some spring cleaning around the house? It was our guest bedroom and garage this past weekend.

But what about spring cleaning your exercise routine? And furthermore, how do you make it happen while social distancing?

Many people started a workout program or regimen at the first of the year – congratulations if you are still getting it done! Whether you stuck with it or opted for more couch time these past few weeks instead, it’s time to shake off the winter doldrums and spring clean your exercise routine – AKA get a head start on swimsuit season!

Here are some tips for working out this spring while quarantine and for keeping yourself motivated through the summer.

  1. Talk with a Healthcare Provider

    If you have not bee active for a while (like you have ran since last summer), check in with a healthcare provider. This is especially true if you are over 50 or have health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. Your physical therapy can help you find effective exercises no matter your fitness level or past injury/illness but you may need to take some precautions to stay safe.

  2. Set New Goals

    Establishing clear and realist goals is an effective way to stay motivated – most effective if you actually write those goals down on paper. This will also give you a baseline for monitoring progress whether your aim is to lose weight, lift heavy things, or even complete a marathon.

  3. Buy New Shoes

    Your athletic shoes are the most important item in your exercise wardrobe and they often wear out faster than you thing. More specifically, buy shoes that are made for your chosen activity, use orthotics if you need extra support due to back or joint pain, and replace when they start to show wear and tear – usually every 4-6 months.

  4. Assemble Some Recovery Tools

    You can get a great workout without buying any expensive equipment, but a couple dollars spent here and there could really help maximize your results. For example, we sell bands, resistance loops, foam rollers, and ways to self release trigger points.

  5. Re-balance Your Program

    Maybe you started the year lifting weights or training for a marathon. Now is the time to re-balance your program so it is well-rounded with a mixture of aerobic, strength, and flexibility exercise. Finding this balance will help you stick with your program for the long haul and prevent injury.

  6. Review Your Exercise Schedule

    Your spring schedule may be very different than it was in the winter. In fact, as I am writing this in quarantine all of our schedules have been altered dramatically. This means we need to revisit when and where we plan to exercise each week. Schedule in at least 30 minutes of exercise or healthy movement each day when other obligations won’t get in the way.

  7. Push Yourself Slowly

    The weather is warmer and swimsuit season is right around the corner. Now is the time to push yourself to get the results you have been looking for. BUT, work up gradually. Focus on the quality of your efforts not just quantity. This sensible approach will help you avoid injury and remain encouraged about your progress.

  8. Try Something Fun

    Exercise is a lot easier if you keep it fun and enjoyable. Pick the activities that appeal most to you and your family – it can be fun to workout together. This may mean straying something new and taking on a new challenge such as online dance classes, hiking, HIIT training, or a Zoom boot camp.

  9. Set Up Accountability

    It can be challenging right now to put yourself in the company of others – no showing up for a scheduled class or in person training sessions. However, agreeing to workout at the same time as a friend, asking a family member to workout with you each day, or having a health coach walk along side of you can keep you accountable to the goals you set for yourself this spring.

  10. Schedule a Routine Movement Screen

    On a regular basis you organize your closets, trim back the trees, get your oil changed, and have your teeth cleaned. Why wouldn’t you have your mobility and movement checked occasionally to be sure everything is working optimally? Doesn’t your body deserve the same care as your car?

    Our therapists at Peak Potential are trained in functional movement screens to identify areas of weakness or movement problems that could result in future injury or if nothing else lack of progress toward your goals. When little problem areas or weak links are identified earlier, exercises can be prescribed to correct the issue before it turns into a bigger problem.

Ready to tackle your spring and summer exercise goals?

Allowing the renewal of the seasons to renew your fitness commitment is a great strategy for lifelong success. So, design a spring exercise routine that works for you and you will look and feel better.

Knock a few of these off the list at once, by setting up a call with a doctor of physical therapy. They can screen you for any health conditions that may be taken into account (that was tip #1), set you up for your routine movement screen, help you set challenging yet reasonable goals for yourself, and help you find appropriate balance and progression.

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