3 Bits of Exercise Advice Your Post Baby Body Will Thank You For

When I found out I was pregnant with our first child, I set out to train for this birth like it was a marathon.  I respected my body by cutting out high intensity training and kept my heart rate in a safe zone, but I was determined to prepare my body like it were a competition.  And the prize at the end. . . my sweet bundle of joy! My goal was to be flexible, strong, and agile enough to make it through this season of my life with as few battle wounds as possible.

I was surprised though that despite my work to stay strong through pregnancy, I shared the same experience as all new moms.  My muscles felt weak in my midsection, I acquired bad posture, my body ached, and I experienced general fatigue.By combining my experience with my expertise in how the body moves and heals I found three areas that can’t be skipped on the road to post partum recovery. Here are the three strategies I recommend new moms incorporate into their exercise routines to regain strength, an optimal level of activity, and remain pain free.

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