Top 7 Tennis Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Tennis is known as a “lifelong” sport because it can be enjoyed by most anyone regardless of age or athletic ability. But, what happens when aches, pains, and injury keep you from enjoying the game for the long haul?

This is just what happened to me. The love of the game took me through my childhood, high school, and into my college years. However, chronic wrist weakness and injury caused me to finally throw in the towel.

And as much as I love hitting the ball around with my children, I have avoided anything more strenuous or competitive. . . .until now.

I know that the cardiovascular, balance, motor control, coordination, bone strength, and flexibility benefits would serve me in the coming years more than ever. Are you interested in seeing these benefits too?

If so, let’s get back to playing tennis (or take up the game for the first time) without the common injuries that derail many players. So, let’s discuss the most common injuries we see in the clinic and what we can do to prevent them.

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