5 Ways to Eliminate Car Line Back Pain

Back to school can mean a lot of sitting for both kids in the classroom and parents chauffeuring them. There is the drive back and forth and the after school activities that take extra time with traffic and school zone speed limits. But I have to say the worst is car line.

I’ve never heard anyone say it’s their favorite time of day. The hurry up to wait and inching along and confusion of new parents that do not yet know the unspoken rules of after school pick up. It can be more than just a pain in the butt . . . it can literally become a pain in your back.

According to research at Cornell University, up to 90% more pressure is put in the back when sitting in the car compared to standing. No wonder back pain is complaint that we hear often right after back to school.

There may be no escaping car line, but there are ways to eliminate the associated discomforts.

The goal is to optimally position yourself to avoid increased forces on your joints, muscle strain, or awkward postures. So here are our top tips to promote both safety, comfort, and prevent back pain while you are in the driver’s seat.

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