5 Exercises To Do At Work To Relieve Shoulder Pain

The average full-time worker spends 1,650 hours at work each year. So, what you do at work day in and day out plays a big role in the health and function of your body.

If you have an office job, or one where you spend the majority of your day sitting, think of all those hours you spend not moving and potentially developing poor posture. It’s no wonder we so often see office workers who develop neck, upper back, and shoulder pain.

Today, we are going to focus on the shoulders in particular because they are often forgotten at the office. We tend to think of shoulder pain occurring with trauma, strenuous lifting, or a sports injury. The truth is, something as inactive and repetitive as desk or computer work can wreck havoc on your shoulders.

We will go over 5 exercises you can do in the workplace (without causing much disruption to your day) that can help relieve your shoulder pain.

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