How to Enjoy Exercise More This Year

Women at Gym on Exercise Bikes

Some of us love a tough workout, and others dread any activity that will keep them from heading directly to the couch after work. Unfortunately, new guidelines indicate most of us fall into the second category. Research shows that 80% of Americans fail to meet the government recommended minimum for weekly exercise.

Whether you have a goal to get fit or just stick with your long time fitness routine, I think it would be easier to get done consistently if we found a way to make it more enjoyable.

Good news . . . a new study out of Germany suggests that just 2 changes can make you enjoy exercise more. The participants with similar fitness levels were asked to ride a stationary bicycle for the same amount of time – a pretty boring exercise in my opinion. Those who considered themselves to be athletic and knew how they were benefiting from the activity said it was more enjoyable, and even required less effort.

The researchers concluded that personal expectations made the difference. The secret is to believe in your athletic abilities and the benefits of exercising.

Think how much easier it would be for you to stick to a workout program if you really enjoyed doing it. Try these tips for building up confidence in your athletic abilities and knowledge of it’s benefits.

  1. Develop Your Own Style

    Each of us has our own personal interests and signature strengths. You may like ballroom dancing or playing competitive sports. Choose an activity that fits your personality, not what a Facebook ad says you should do.

  2. Create Challenges

    Set challenging but attainable goals that will encourage you to keep going. Work to strengthen your upper body to improve your tennis serve or increase your lung capacity so you don’t get winded while playing with your kids.

  3. Find a Role Model

    Look for someone who has qualities and achievements that you admire, but is also similar in lifestyle and body type to you – celebrities are not the best motivators. Study the habits (or ask) that make them successful.

  4. Share Social Support

    You can cheer yourself on, but it helps to have others on your side. Team up with a friend to exercise, post your workout online, and ask someone to hold you accountable. Join us at Peak Wellness Tribe on Facebook for support as well.

  5. Repeat Affirmations

    It might seem cheesy, but it really is effective. . . Create positive statements to affirm your worth and make changes in your life. Write them down and read them regularly. I like post it notes on my bathroom mirror.

  6. Educate Yourself

    Learn more about your body and how to care for it. What exercise and recovery strategies that are best for your body are unique. We use Fitness & Nutrition DNA testing to help clients achieve a strong, healthy body – more energy, stronger muscles, less inflammation, and reduced risk for illness.

  7. Work with a Professional

    Maybe you prefer working with a professional one-on-one. This is especially effective when you are just starting out or feeling stuck. A customized program designed alongside an expert health coach can deliver impressive results that will keep you motivated.

  8. Talk with Your Healthcare Provider

    Ask your healthcare provider about any concerns you have. If you aren’t confident in your ability to safely perform the activity, it won’t be enjoyable. As physical therapists, we can screen for injury risk and suggest what you should prioritize in your fitness journey.

  9. Evaluate Your Performance

    As you make exercise a consistent part of your routine, you will notice benefits in many areas of life – energy for your family, glowing skin, focus at work, or pants fitting better. Take note of each of these victories!

  10. Listen to Your Body

    Feeling good and healthy in your body is the ultimate goal of exercise. Listen to your body’s signals you that you are pushing too hard or not enough. Take note of lack of progress, boredom, or discomfort and make changes accordingly.

Did you get some ideas of what can you do this week to make your exercise routine more enjoyable?

Maybe it’s coming in for a Free Physical Therapy Discovery visit so you can move more comfortably. Or meeting with our health coach for a personalized plan. Or taking a genetics test to be sure you are fueling your body and recovering properly for optimal results.

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When you want to exercise, you’ll find ways to overcome any barriers like being too busy or avoiding injury. A positive attitude about your athletic abilities and the benefits of physical activity will help you to stay healthy and fit, not just for the new year but for years to come!

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