7 Overlooked Ways Exercise Will Improve Your Life


I have never recommended an exercise program to a client with the response “Wow, I didn’t know I needed to exercise!”.

We all know it’s important to build strength, endurance, and even maintain a healthy weight.  The problem is actually making it a priority in our busy schedules.

Maybe you can find some new motivation to move by learning 7 more reasons exercise will improve your life. 

1. Exercise is an antidepressant

When we exercise, our nervous system is stimulated to produce chemicals such a dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. As the concentration of these chemicals increases in our body we feel more motivated and focused, and less depressed and anxious.

2. Exercise is a painkiller

The antidepressant chemicals – endorphins – produced by the brain also help to decrease pain symptoms. They do this by interfering with the message being sent to the brain from the nerve by binding to opioid receptors and blocking the pain signal.

3. Exercise is a natural anti-inflammatory

This may seem counterintuitive as we feel our muscles swell up after a workout.  However, the macrophages sent to repair muscle are actually anti-inflammatory as they “eat up” the damaged cells.  The effect is not only muscular, but seen in other tissues and organs as well.

4. Exercise improves memory

Strong research proves that being physically active repairs damaged brain cells, protects current ones, and even triggers the growth of new ones.  This plays a critical role in our ability learn new things and maintain a strong memory as we advance in age.

5. Exercise reduces chronic disease risk.

By balancing blood sugar, strengthening the heart, improving circulation, and “turning off” our unhealthy genes, exercise reduces our risk of many chronic diseases.  These include heart disease, diabetes, neurological diseases, and even certain cancers.

6. Exercise improves sleep

Studies show that those who participate in moderate physical activity fall asleep more quickly and have a better quality of sleep.  You will wake up more refreshed due to deeper and longer sleep cycles. . . . as long as you don’t exercise too late in the evening.

7. Exercise makes everything else easier.

No matter your age, regular physical activity leads to improved physical function in all areas of life.  Being able to perform daily tasks more easily slows age-related physical decline.  You will stay active and independent, moving better for longer.

Do any of those benefits sound like they would improve the quality of your life?

I hope you can see that moving your body is critically important to your health and happiness, not just your physique.  And it doesn’t have to be a strenuous workout.  Small bouts of physical activity add up throughout the day.

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