Avoid These Foods to Beat Fatigue (and get your life back)


Fatigue is a vague symptom but associated with many conditions we see in the clinic every day: Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Autoimmune Disease, Thyroid Disorders, Muscle and Joint Pain.

We love to see these clients recover not only their function but also their lives as we work together.  You see, injury and illness can take a lot out of a person. As we are able to decrease pain, improve movement, and get people active again they report another side effect – improved energy and mood.

I hope this is encouraging to you if you are currently on this journey.  But, let’s not leave it all to a healthcare provider to turn this thing around.  The debilitating symptom of fatigue can be diminished with nutritional strategies you can take control of as well.

Let’s look into the top foods you can remove from your kitchen to beat fatigue sooner rather than later:

Processed Foods

Any food no longer in its natural states is considered a processed food. They are high in salt, sugar, unhealthy fats, artificial colors, preservatives, and added hormones.  These can all be harmful to your health – and energy level.  They increase weight, inflammation, and stress on your body.

Alcohol in Excess

Drinking alcohol results in inflammation and fluid retention that can seriously drag us down.  Furthermore, alcohol dependency is linked to anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.  If experiencing fatigue, it’s best to limit alcohol use to one serving to mitigate these negative effects.

Too Much Caffeine

A pot of coffee may be your go to if you are experiencing fatigue.  It may be the pick me you need in the morning, before a workout, or mid-afternoon. However, high doses of caffeine may lead to depression, anxiety, disturbed sleep, insomnia, and muscle tremors – and the result of all of these is more fatigue.

High Glycemic Foods

High carbohydrate foods, including sugar sweet treats, cause a spike in blood sugar that leads to uneven energy levels.  By sticking to low glycemic foods – like protein, green vegetables, berries, or nuts – you will keep your blood sugar stable through the day. The result is fewer mid-afternoon crashes and less fatigue at the end of the day.

Do you notice a pattern here? 

Moderation. In the United States, we all too often consume things in excess.  So, moderating the amount of alcohol your liver has to process, the amount of caffeine you shock your body with, and the level of sugar you feed your system goes a long way to regulate your energy levels.

The message – eat more natural, whole foods that fuel your body.  Pile the nutrients on your plate with colorful vegetables, fiber, healthy fats, and protein that will nourish you.

The side effect – steady sustained energy throughout the day.  In addition, some may experience improved pain symptoms and generally a more active enjoyable life.

Does all of this sound like a good idea, but actually implementing this in your everyday life seem impossible?

If so, we help clients just like you work to decrease fatigue and regain their active lifestyle through nutrition, movement, and mindset. Gain energy and vibrancy throughout knowledge, accountability, and encouragement. Learn more about our Wellness Coaching Program at the link below.