Why I Don’t Believe Laziness Is An Excuse


It’s a story we hear a lot around here. . . 

“I know what I should be doing, and I guess I could find the time, but I just can’t get myself to actually do the exercises . . . I guess I’m just lazy.”

I know we all have those days when we feel lazy from time to time and end up putting off the things we know we need to do.  

Cooking all day for a holiday meal and then facing the dishes in the sink. . . they can wait until later.

Going to the gym after a stressful day and working overtime . . . my body would be better off getting some rest.  

But what happens when ‘laziness’ gets in the way of positive self-care?  Does it get to the point where we aren’t doing the things that our body needs to feel it’s best?

What if ‘laziness’ isn’t the thing at all that’s holding us back and it’s actually something else that’s going on?

I actually think laziness is influenced by our thoughts and our outlook on life.  I believe it may just be a story we tell ourselves. . . a story we can rewrite.  

You see, if you tell yourself over and over again that you’re just ‘too lazy’ to do something, it’ll become more and more true in your head. What we see all too often is the “I’m just going to sit on the couch and be lazy” turn into “I can’t get off the couch because my back pain is too bad”.  

When this happens, people end up in our office ready to get to work.  Did the “laziness” suddenly disappear or did they just get the kick in the pants kind of motivation to change their story?

It would be horrible to wake up and have back pain, for example, stopping you from doing certain things such as dancing with your spouse, taking your grandkids to the park, or even being able to drive.  

So instead, let’s turn the story around to an “I can AND I will” attitude by implementing small habits into your day to day life to ensure you can still keep doing the things you love.  In fact, I have one tiny habit to pass on to you that will help to keep you out of the laziness rut . . . 

Start small.  Just a 10-minute walk will help rid you of the “lazy feeling”, get you moving, and keep you healthy.  If walking is boring to you, dance around the house to your favorite upbeat music. 

No need to tackle a big 60-minute workout or hardcore spin class. The key is just to move.  

You will release feel-good hormones that will motivate you to do more and feel better the remainder of the day. 

If you are ready to get up, get moving, and get fit in this New Year the best advice we can give you is . . . to START.  But also, take care of your body so you can continue to move with ease and live your best life for many years to come. 

Too often, people are overzealous at the start of a new year and end up back on the couch with an injury . . . and the “laziness” cycle starts all over again.  

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