How to NOT Overeat Leftover Halloween Candy

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We survived another Halloween with its tricks, treats, and spooky cocktails.  I hope you were able to sneak your favorites from your kid’s buckets last night.  But, now that the night is over . . . it’s a new day and a new month. . . . how do we not overeat all the leftover Halloween candy?

I didn’t say to NOT eat it.  I say find your absolute favorites, ration them out over a few days, and hide in the pantry if necessary to savor every bite.

However, we have all heard “everything in moderation”.  But, it’s so hard to moderate these addicting sugar-laden treats.  Worse yet, they take up space in our diet where our bodies could be benefiting from nourishing food instead.

Here are my tips to move past Halloween and into the already challenging holiday season while still benefiting from your healthy eating habits.

1. Savor Your Treats

Select your favorite candy, tune out all distractions, and enjoy the experience of your treat. Being mindful of your eating is the best way to not eat way more than you mean to.

2. Eat Well Otherwise

Fill your plate with balanced meals high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats throughout the day. You are more likely to crave sugar when you arrive home in the evening ravenously hungry.

3. Brush Your Teeth

When you finish a meal or the single piece of candy you chose to eat, brush your teeth.  The minty clean freshness will be a deterrent from going back to the pantry for more.

4. Freeze It

When you are tempted to eat some candy, it takes extra effort to get it from the freezer and wait on it to thaw.  This gives you time to rethink mindless eating.  Second, more candy-laden holidays are on the way so you can get it back out for another occasion.

5. Choose Better Chocolate

Remember, not all chocolate is created equal.  Buy squares of 85% dark chocolate to go to when the candy craving strikes or if you need to wean yourself from sugar overload.  It has less sugar, is high in antioxidants, and fills you up with some fiber.

6. Only Eat Candy When You Are Happy

It’s amazing how much we eat out of stress, anger, or sadness.  We go to the sugary treats for comfort that a plastic jack-o-lantern just can’t fix.  Make a deal with yourself to eat a piece of candy only when you are happy and will truly enjoy the experience.

7. Just Get Rid Of It

After you and your kids have chosen a few favorites, get rid of the rest.  Some local dentists and schools are offering drop-offs where they will donate the candy to shelters or soldiers overseas.

We hope this helps you stay healthy and outsmart those candy cravings before they hit.  If you are looking for more guidance on what foods work best for your body (even how much sugar is ok for you to eat in a day),  click HERE to learn about Nutrition Genetic Testing so you stop guessing and meet your health goals with more ease.