7 Tips to Feel Your Best at a Redbirds Game


Memphis Redbirds Baseball is in the middle of a series against the Colorado Springs Sky Sox and I can’t think of a better – or more American way – to spend a Memorial Day Weekend.

We’ve heard some folks talking about going and wondering how they would feel with the walking, stairs, hard seats, and mid-south heat.  So, we came up with some tips to help you feel your best when you go to your next baseball game.

1. Stay Hydrated

When spending time outside in the heat, we need to increase our water intake to stay hydrated.  Feeling thirsty actually means you are already suffering from mild dehydration. Drink more water before, during, and after the game.

2. Limit Alcohol

There are a couple of reasons to limit alcohol to stay healthy when enjoying a sporting event.  First, they further dehydrate you. Second, alcohol increases inflammation in your body and if you are suffering from back and joint pain this can be a problem.

3. Get up and Move

A baseball game can last 3 hours and that’s a long time to stay seated.  To ward off stiffness, get up and move throughout the game.  Alternate sitting, standing, and walking the concourse as much as possible.

4. Stretch Occasionally

In addition to walking, you can stretch during the game right from your seat.  The piriformis is often tight if you have back pain and are sitting.  It can be stretched by crossing one leg over the other to make a figure 4 and leaning forward at the waist.  Reaching side to side and overhead can stretch out the upper back.

5. Protect Your Skin

A daytime game means you will likely be in direct sunlight for at least some of the game. Apply sunscreen to exposed skin before the game, reapply if you are sweating, and of course, wear a baseball cap.

6. Eyes on the Game

Keep your eyes on the game, not only to catch foul balls but for your health as well.  Staring down at our smartphones during the game to scan stats or text an update to friends can result in neck pain, as well as joint and tendon problems in the hand or wrist.  Most Americans check their phone 46 times a day, so while we are at the ballpark let’s just enjoy the game.

7. Catch Pain Early

Don’t wait for the pain to keep you from taking part in the summer activities that you enjoy most. If you experience muscle aches and pains be sure to take advantage of a Discovery Session with a movement specialist. A doctor of physical therapy can give you guidance on how to enjoy watching or even playing baseball again – or whatever activity you don’t want to miss this summer.

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