Apply For A Free Physical Therapy “Discovery Visit”


For Obvious Reasons This Free Discovery Visit Is Strictly Limited By Number And Is Allocated On A First Come, First Serve Basis. Please Enquire About The Next Availability By Filing Out This Form…”

The primary purpose of the Free Taster Session is to HELP you make a better and more informed decision about Physical Therapy and is PERFECT if you are new to Physical Therapy, “skeptical”, have been let down by another PT in the past, or just not quite sure if PT is even right for you.

For obvious reasons we can’t provide you with everything that our other clients currently enjoy paying for… Choosing the Free Taster Session will HELP especially if you would like to know “what’s wrong”, how long it will last, have it confirmed by a Specialist that PT can help you like you hope AND leave our Clinic having SAMPLED who we are and HOW we can help you, knowing confidently whether or not a Full PT Consultation and all the extras you will get, IS the right decision for you to make next.

If that sounds something that will HELP you out at this stage… please fill out the form below and we’ll instantly reply to you with further instructions of what’s included…


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