Ladies,What Is Your Biggest Challenge?

Are you looking for someone to help you meet your health and wellness goals? Do you want to work with a healthcare practitioner that listens intently, approaches wellness holistically, and has extensive knowledge on health and the human body?

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Whether your baby is 6 days or 16 years old, your current concerns about your body may be related to less than optimal healing post pregnancy. Find out what is standing in your way & solutions for your concerns.

Created for my clients who desire to look, move, feel & live their best life!


My name is Amanda Ling – a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Postpartum specialist, Wellness Coach, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Speaker, and Author. I work with women just like you to overcome their biggest health challenges –

  • Optimizing nutrition and reaching your ideal body composition

  • Improving energy to perform your best in life

  • Overcoming pregnancy aches and pains

  • Healing your postnatal body to “feel like yourself again”

  • Overcoming the embarrassment of “leaking” when you cough or exercise

  • Correcting abdominal weakness or separation

    We address all these challenges for women from pregnancy to post menopause (and every age in between) with an integrative approach to movement, mindset, hormones, metabolism, and nutrition.


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I am seeking improved health, WEIGHT LOSS, or vitality

Are you ready to live your best life in midlife? We help people harness healing habits by coaching them on movement, nutrition, metabolism, and mindset. You can transform your health after setbacks from illness or injury to create a “well”, vibrant, active lifestyle for a lifetime.


i am seeking optimal recovery for my post baby body

Imagine a life with the confidence & strength you had in your pre-pregnancy body -with the embarrassment of “leaking”, having strength to care for your family without pain, feeling empowered to do all your favorite activities & feeling in control of your body again.


i am seeking relief from women’s health concerns

You can stop the embarrassment of “leaking” when you sneeze. You can overcome pelvic pain and difficulty with intimacy. You can correct abdominal separation and weakness through your core. Imagine living your life with strength and regaining confidence in your body.


About Me . . .

My name is Amanda and I have been practicing as a Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2005. I found my calling in working with women post partum through menopause to educate, inspire, train, empower, and give hope when illness, injury, or the stress of childbirth leaves them feeling less than their best.

I furthered my education with specialized training in postpartum fitness and physical therapy, as well as becoming a certified nutrition specialist. An integrative approach using movement, nutrition, and mindset allows my clients to overcome obstacles and set themselves out on a journey to lifelong wellness.

I currently reside in Germantown, Tennessee with my husband (and physical therapy business partner) Trevor and our two children. Together we authored a book “Heal, Opimtize, Thrive” in 2019. You can also find me hosting the podcast “A Healthier Mid South” interviewing local health and fitness professionals.