4 Flip Flop Rules to Prevent Foot Pain


Now that school is out and summer is upon us, it is time for one of my favorite things.

It is time to get a pedicure and allow my toes to enjoy the freedom of flip flops and

sandals.  The problem is that new aches and pains arise when I ditch the comfort of

the sneakers that I lived in most of the winter. Why does my body make such a fuss over my footwear?


You see, your feet are the foundation of your whole body.  Lack of support leads to

inflammation and misalignment. Changes in your walking patterns including

shorter step length and instability can cause longer term ankle, knee, hip, or back



Other flip flop injuries include:

  •  Hammer toes from repetitive gripping of your toes
  • Tendinitis from the inward turn of your ankles
  • Plantar fascia inflammation causing arch and heel pain
  • Stress fractures due to lack of shock absorption


I’m not going to tell you to ditch the flip flops though.

We just need to set some rules for our flip flops to keep us pain free this summer.

  1. Find a pair that fits properly without your heel or toes hanging off.
  2. Buy a pair with a thicker sole that does not bend too easily in the middle
  3. Look for shoes with a thicker strap to provide support (a back strap is best)
  4. Replace them yearly because the thin soles wear out quickly
  5. Limit the amount of time and distance you walk in them


When shopping for any footwear, find the most supportive shoes possible (no

shoe should be able to bend in half).  And for serious walking and sightseeing this

summer, opt for those sneakers or other shoes that can be fit with a supportive



If you follow the rules and pain arises anyway, give us a call.  We are

happy to give advise over the phone or schedule you a FREE discovery visit

to see if we can be of help to you.