How to Feel Like an Athlete Again When You Struggle to Even Stay Awake or Focused











Were you a high school or college athlete?

Did you lift heavy and run fast without

thinking twice about it?


I bet you could even pull all nighters, and

live on takeout food without much effect

on your performance.


Now, fast forward a decade (or a few). . .

Do you have any energy left after work?

Can you keep up with your kids?

Are you still a weekend warrior?


One young mom expressed to me recently,

“I couldn’t believe how fast I had lost

something that was such a big part of me

when I was younger”.


Even if you don’t want to compete again

in a specific sport. . .

Do you desire to look, feel, or perform like

an athlete again?


Even if you were never an athlete (or even

coordinated enough to try). . . .

power, agility, stamina, energy, and speed

are attributes that will serve you well in

remaining active and independent.


Here are some tips to rebuilding your



1. Start with a Plan


A list of goals and definitive plan to get

there is the first step to success.  If you

don’t know where you are going, you will

have great difficulty getting there.


Keep in mind, fitness comes in all shapes,

sizes, ages, and abilities.  Therefore, the plan

your friend is  following may not be the

perfect one for you.  A challenging, but

achievable plan will keep you positively

moving toward self-improvement.


2. Stay Consistent


Consistency is key to any transformation.

Find an activity. . . home program, group

class, dance lessons, indoor pool, or

individualized training that you will enjoy



No matter what obstacle gets in  your way. . .

Just Keep Moving!


3. Track Your Progress


What we measure, will improve.  Keep a log

or chart to show your progress.  Frequently

look back on how far you have come.  Do not

focus on how far you have to go or on the

progress of others.


4. Eat Like and Athlete


Fuel your body like an athlete.  Start by

making simple trade offs from processed

foods to whole foods.  Fill up on fruits,

vegetables, and protein first and you won’t

have as much room for the other stuff.


5. Get More Sleep


Sleep gives you energy, regulates your

metabolism, repairs muscle, and boosts

your athletic performance.  Aiming for 7-8

hours of sleep a night will help you be

healthier, fitter, and happier overall.


6. Celebrate Success


Proudly own and celebrate every

achievement.  Make a big deal, and share

with others, even the smallest of steps




Finally, take control of your mind.  Fill it

with thoughts of success.  Tell yourself

“I can do this” and your body will respond.


Still feeling stuck?  Let us help you get

started in the right direction with a free

wellness consultation.


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