3 Things You Can’t Ignore if You Want to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays








Tips and tricks are all over the web on

staying slim over the holidays. From

navigating the buffet line to insane post

cookie binge workouts.


The reality is, the holidays are hard.

There is little margin in our schedules

for self care and it seems like all

activities revolve around pies and fudge

(or maybe that is just at my house).


I want you to enjoy this time with family

and friends.  Don’t neglect your most

loved traditions and the foods that go

along with that . . . .  for my family Aunt

Grace’s Peanut Butter Fudge.


However, you don’t want to be starting

from scratch when it comes to your body

and health goals come January 1.


I want to simplify things.  Let’s focus on

the 3 things we just can’t ignore if we

want to be healthy this holiday season.


Furthermore, we are not just talking

about our waistlines here.  We want to

optimize mood, immunity, and self

confidence to make the most of this

joyous season.


1. Eat Wisely


It can’t be ignored.  Food is everywhere

and there are a lot of decisions we have

to make.  For most of us, willpower alone

will not allow us to make good choices at

the dessert table.


First, plan your attack.  Think about the

foods you absolutely love and have

special meaning to you.  Also, decide

what you can live without or what you

know will make you feel especially

uncomfortable after eating.


Make your choices ahead of time and

stick to your plan.  Furthermore, have

enough self respect to not eat things just

to people please.


Finally, don’t skip meals so you can

have an extra piece of cake later.  Again,

will power will go out the window and

you will be more likely to overeat later.

As in. . . eating the whole cake!


2. Maintain Your Exercise Routine


You do not have to start anything new or

add time to your regimen to compensate

for extra calories.  Just try to stick to

your current plan the best you can.


However, don’t beat yourself up when

you miss a workout. You are not the only

one too busy for Body Pump after work!


Make up what you missed in small ten

minute intervals throughout the day.

Get an extra walk in at lunch or pick up

the pace at the mall and make shopping

a power walk.


A short high intensity workout can be

great this time of year to burn fat, reduce

stress, and curb cravings.


The take home point. . . MOVE MORE!


3. Manage Stress


Do you remember how much fun

Christmas was when you were a kid?


As adults, we have overflowing

calendars and to do lists that seem to

zap our joy. Start by saying “no” to

activities that aren’t a top priority.

Choose wisely the things you and your

family will participate in.


Next, let go of perfection!  Avoid

Facebook and everyone’s holiday

highlight reel if you start playing the

comparison game.


Some holiday stress is just unavoidable.

So when you have the chance, take a

few deep breathes or sneak in a twenty

minute nap.


I use a free app called “Stop, Breathe,

Think”.  It has a 3 minute mindful

breathing meditation that has been

great for our whole family.


In summary. . . ENJOY YOURSELF!


Don’t run through the holidays on

autopilot with your unconscious mind at

the wheel. Make choices that will allow

you to enjoy time with those you love

and celebrate the meaning of this season.


When in doubt, gratitude always helps. . .

We are very THANKFUL for all of you!