Quickly Fix the Source of Your Pain With Astym Therapy



When you go to the doctor and get a prescription you

are chasing symptoms.  Although, maybe very effective

in the short term, you never quite resolve the root

cause of your pain or movement problem.

Finding the source of your pain and dysfunction is our

goal.  Using our non-invasive Astym “instruments” we

can both locate and treat your pain source.

We have seen Astym help countless patients restore

movement, relieve pain, and get their lives back.  It

has worked on many patient’s when other approaches

or symptom chasing has failed.

What is Astym Therapy?

Astym treatment regenerates and rebuilds soft tissue.

This includes muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  Damage

to these tissues is often the cause of chronic pain and

movement restrictions.

In addition, Astym addresses scar tissue as a frequent

culprit to movement limitations and pain symptoms.

Astym safely and efficiently stimulates scar tissue to

be reabsorbed by the body.



What can Astym treat?

Astym can successfully treat a long list of injuries


  • Chronic tendinopathies including

    • golfers elbow

    • carpal tunnel

    • tennis elbow

    • Achilles tendon injury

    • Post surgical scarring (ie post mastectomy)

    • Joint stiffness

    • Muscle strain

    • Low back pain

    • Pain and stiffness from arthritis

What are the benefits of Astym?

We have seen numerous benefits to Astym compared

to other treatment techniques. In fact, it is one of the

most researched and proven treatments available.

1. Treatment works quickly

Patient’s generally see results in 3 visits, but a full

course of therapy often lasts several more weeks.

2. You remain active

You are encouraged to continue normal activities.

NO time off needed to recover.  This allows tissue

recovery to occur in a way that supports your usual

activity level.

3. Fixes the source of the problem

With Astym, we are not just relieving symptoms.

We are getting to the source of your pain and soft

tissue injury.  This allows your body to rebuild

healthy tissues, heal properly, and completely.

This is important in preventing future injuries.

A patient’s perspective. . . .

Sylvia previously received cortisone shots for her

persistent hip bursitis.  However, the pain still didn’t

go away.

      “I was told I would have to have a hip

    replacement. Instead, with Astym treatment,

      I’ve gone from being paralyzed by steps to

      walking for days at a time, gardening, and

      going to the grocery store. I have my  life

      back, and that’s GREAT.”

In summary. . . . Astym WORKS!

However, only certified Astym therapist can provide

this treatment.  They undergo intensive training to

give you the results you expect from Astym

treatment.  Request to speak with our Astym

therapist today at www.peakpotentialpt.com