5 Ways to Stay Out of the Cold With an At Home Workout

Woman doing situps on an exercise ball.


Do you have goals for your body, health, and fitness

this winter?


Do you know how important exercise is to your

mental health and productivity for the day?


But, does a run outside or even getting out in the

cold to drive to the gym seem unbearable?


An at home work out can be a perfect solution

during the cold winter months.  You don’t need a

treadmill or cross fit garage set up either.  You

don’t even need an expensive DVD program or

subscription (however, they can be motivating

and provide structure to keep you on track and

progressing).  With some determination and

resourcefulness, a great (and often quicker) work

out is possible.


Here are 5 solutions that are either free or super

low cost if you are struggling to find an at home

work out:


 1. Body weight workouts


A body weight workout requires no extra

equipment and can be done virtually anywhere.

The concept is that you are improving your

strength and fitness by moving your own body

weight as resistance.  Great body weight exercises

include push ups, squats, triceps dips, lunges, and



 2. Strength Train with Exercise Bands


Exercise bands are an inexpensive way to strength

training at home.  They are easy to store and to

travel with as well. With bands, you need to

incorporate movements that push, pull, and squat.

Pushing could be overhead or forward away from

your body like a chest press. Pulling could be down

from a door frame or up in a lateral shoulder raise.

A squat for lower body muscles includes lowering

your body with bent knees toward the ground and

pushing yourself back up. Variations of these basic

moves are key to improving your strength and



 3. Core workout with Swiss Ball


A Swiss or thera ball is a great investment for at

home workouts. It is ideal for core stabilizing

exercises, but also can incorporate upper body and

lower body strengthening as well.  Exercises using

a ball can be anywhere from gentle hip circles to

plyometrics, but generally are all low impact on the



 4. No equipment cardio


There are many cardiovascular exercises you can

do at home without a treadmill or stationary bike.

High intensity interval training is perfect for this.

Do an exercise (nearly anything that gets your body

moving and heart rate up) for say 45 seconds, then

rest 15 seconds.  Do a set of about 5 exercises then

give yourself a longer 1 minute rest before

repeating the sequence again.  Exercises could

include jumping jacks, high knees, frog jumps,

lunges, burpees, jumprope. . . and many others.


 5. You Tube Yoga


Yoga, pilates, barre, and stretching routines are

great at home workouts, especially if you are

worried about looking foolish in a class when you

are just starting out.  There are many you can try

for free on You Tube, search on Pinterest, and we

even have them on our Amazon Prime TV.  Be

sure to modify according to your comfort and

ability since the instructor obviously can’t adjust

to your needs and give you feedback.


Cold weather and heavy sweaters will not be

here for long.  Stay active and moving throughout

the winter to fight off illness, maintain your

wellness, and prevent Spring injuries.


If you need help or accommodations to an exercise

routine due to illness or injury, call us and inquire

about having one of our physical therapists work

with you on  a customized home program.

Request a call on our website today. . .