3 Common Fixes For Neck Pain That Don’t Work (and what does!)


If you are 50+ and suffering from occasional (or even nearly constant) neck pain, you are not alone!

Neck pain may be one of the greatest mysteries of being over 50. This pain comes on suddenly with no warning or the stiffness that creeps up without explanation.

It’s a story we hear every week in the clinic and clients often come to see us saying things like. . .

“I just woke up the other morning with a pain in my neck”    OR

“I thought this neck pain would work itself out”     OR

“At first my neck just felt stiff, but it seems to be getting tighter”     OR

“I didn’t realize my neck pain was a problem until I couldn’t turn my head to check for traffic”. 

Since neck pain often happens without warning signs or an identifiable cause, people usually try a number of options before they decide to come and see us. But, when looking for ways to end neck pain, there are three things in particular that will NOT FIX your problem.

 1. Painkillers

Over the counter, or even prescription, pain medication will not work because all the pain killer tablets will do is mask the pain.  The underlying or root cause of the problem is still there and will rear it’s ugly head when the medication wears off.

 Although it may offer temporary relief until you can find your best solution your problem is NOT solved.  You are still stuck with very tight muscles and stiff joints in your neck.

 2. “Nice” relaxing massages

So that “Spa” style massage might feel good, and relaxing tension can contribute to a temporary decrease in neck pain.  However, the pressure they apply to the muscles during these types of massages is hardly every right.

The masseuse is not doing anything wrong.  They just don’t have the training to understand the root cause of your neck problem so they will not be able to fix it properly. Even if they feel the tension you are experiencing, the “knots” in your muscles are not usually the ENTIRE issue or the source of the pain.

 3. Giving it Time and Rest

The most common solution people turn to (and often suggested by a doctor or friend) is time and rest.  Unfortunately, this does’t work and often makes the problem worse.  Over time the muscles get tighter and shorter and the joints get stiffer.

Joints and muscles, especially in your neck, want to move by design.  Your body gets stronger and more agile the more you do it.  It’s vital to your recovery to get your neck moving and “unlocked”, relaxed and released, so you can move freely again.

Wondering what you should do if these three options are off the table?  I’m glad you asked!

We wrote an eBook that we share with our clients about neck pain (and the headaches that often accompany them) that we would like to share with you today.  Just click HERE or on the book below to get “How to Get to the Root Cause of Neck Pain (and Migraine Headaches)” for FREE:




If you don’t want to bother with DIY treatments . . . If you are ready to get this thing taken care of as quickly as possible, then give us a call today.  We will get to the root cause of your pain without relying on medication.  Massage with will be performed with expert hands trained to know PRECISELY where, when, and how much pressure to apply to the problem area.  Exercise will be progressed safely to regain strength when you are ready.

As for rest? Our goal is to get you ACTIVE and moving like you want to be as quickly as possible so we won’t be recommending much downtime.

Either way, if you are experiencing (or have in the past) neck pain or stiffness, check out the FREE eBook TODAY.  It’s the first step in the right direction to solving the neck pain problem once and for all!