5 Ways to Keep Neck Pain Away on Your Summer Travels


Whether near or far . . . If you are headed out of town on a little summer getaway the last thing you want is for that time to be interrupted by pain.

One of the most common complaints that creep up on people while out of town is neck pain – especially since most of us are road tripping it instead of hopping on a plane.

The typical story goes like this:

“A few days into our vacation I woke up with a stiff neck.  I thought it would go away once I was up and about, but it’s still here after traveling home a week later”

Don’t let your time away to relax and refresh be interrupted by nagging aches and stiffness.  Here are 5 ways to avoid neck pain while traveling:

 1. Don’t Look Down

While being the passenger in the car, don’t look down at your book or tablet.  Your neck is structured to hold your head upright, not in a forward bending position.  This leads to muscle imbalances, stiffness, and trigger points.

Hold any device or reading material up at eye level to avoid holding your head in this position for an extended period.  Better yet, sit back and relax while listening to a book on tape (our families favorite travel past time).

 2. Watch Your Sitting Posture

While traveling, be sure you are sitting on top of your “sit bones”.  You do not want to be slouched forward. With your pelvis in this position you can stack your back, shoulders, and head over your pelvis.  This allows the bones of your neck to be supported by your muscles with the least amount of effort to work against gravity.

 3. Take Care Carrying Bags

While carrying bags or suitcase, it’s ideal if they wheel or you can use a backpack.  If not, alternate carrying your bags between both shoulders.  Carrying a heavy object (yes, ladies this could be your purse) on one side only will cause muscles imbalances in the neck, shoulder, and back.

Keeping your posture symmetrical will prevent overuse and repetitive injuries as well.  Also, try to pack light so that your bags are not too heavy!

 4. Support Your Back

For long car rides it makes sense to support your back to prevent back pain, but it might surprise you that it helps neck pain as well.  Using a lumbar support (or a towel roll positioned in the arch of your back) allows you to remain upright with your ears aligned over your shoulders.  It prevents the “C” shape position we often fall into, which increases strain in the neck.

 5. Take Your Own Pillow

After resting for 8 hours on an unfamiliar pillow, we can easily wake up with neck pain.  Our bodies are used to resting in a particular position at home most of the time.  You will get a much better nights sleep, no matter the quality of the mattress, if your neck rests down in its normal position.

We offer custom fit pillows which are a great option for those prone to neck pain (I take mine everywhere!). You can find your “Pillow Prescription” HERE.

With a little preparation and strategic choices with your packing, you can prevent neck pain from creeping up during your summer vacation.

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Wishing you a relaxing and pain free summer whether you are here in Collierville or hitting the road!

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