10 Empowering Beliefs to Improve Your Body Confidence


Have you ever gone a crash diet before an event, hid behind oversize sweatshirts, or shrunk emotionally because you didn’t feel confident in your body?

If you are struggling to feel good in your own skin and loving your body you are not alone!

Especially after childbirth or menopause (but of course, this can apply to men too), I hear women tell me that years of body image issues come to a head.  They are ready to feel healthy, energetic, and worthy . . . regardless of how their jeans fit.

I find that most often it isn’t a diet plan, new exercise program, or magic pill that gets them unstuck. So what is the key to body confidence and last weight loss?


We have so many ingrained beliefs and emotions around our bodies. This creates an internal dialogue that keeps us stuck.

You can take back the power by changing the way you speak to yourself.  Here’s how to change common disempowering beliefs by speaking to ourselves with empowering phrases:

1. People appreciate me for who I am.

2. My dress size does not define me or my life.

3. I can let my light shine whenever and however I choose.

4. I am grateful for all my body has done for me.

5. Being healthy is about doing what is best for me.

6. Making time to care for myself meaks me a better mom/wife/friend.

7. I’m ready to listen to what my body is telling me.

8. My body is capable of amazing things.

9. I am worthy, fun and lovable, no matter what.

10. I appreciate my body as it is and support it even more by making healthy choices.

I suggest picking one of these that speaks to you the most.  Write it on a note card and tape it to your mirror.  Remind yourself each day that the reflection you see in that mirror is beauty and strength.

If you do need to make more nourishing choices for your body, exercise to improve your health, or lose weight to feel your best, you are not throwing in the towel by accepting yourself as you are.

In fact, replacing an internal dialogue of . . . .

“No matter what I try, I can’t lose weight”

“I just have a slow metabolism”

“I have bad joints so I can’t exercise”

“Watching what I eat makes me miserable”

. . . . can actually help you achieve your goals with more ease.  Because If you don’t believe in yourself now, it won’t be any easier when you are thinner, fitter, or whatever ideal you have created for yourself.

If you need help along this journey to feeling healthy, energetic, and strong in your body again, I encourage you to download the FREE Ebook below:

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******This information may have triggered deep-rooted emotions, brought up issues of disordered eating or exercise patterns, or painful memories. In this case, you may need more guidance in making this transformation.  Please contact us.  We can listen, encourage, and refer you to a practitioner that can help you on this journey.

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