Don’t Blame Your Baby For Your Bad Back


If we didn’t see it so often in the clinic with moms at many different ages and stages, this statistic might be more surprising to me. . .

As many as 60% of women who have given birth are still suffering from back pain 15 years later. This means women who gave birth in their 30’s are still suffering in their 50’s. 

Why are women suffering so long?

I believe there are several factors as to the “why”.  Sometimes women get tired of asking the doctor about it without getting a solid answer OR they consider it the “regular” back pain women have OR they just keep waiting for it to go away on its own.

Most often, when back pain is discussed with a doctor, family member, or friend the issue is chalked up to having a baby – pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood.

But, I need you to know two things . . . . first, there is a solution to this pain AND second, your baby isn’t to blame.

Your Back Before Baby

Take a minute to think back to before your pregnancy.  How well did you take care of your back?

Things like long hours of sitting at work, dehydration, poor form during exercise, negligent posture, and less than optimal food choices result in damage to your spine.

In addition, did you do things to protect and strengthen your back like Pilates, yoga, posture training, and balanced nutrition?

Maybe this isn’t your first pregnancy . . . how much time did you spend getting the right muscles strong to support your back after your last child was born?

The Truth About Your Back

It’s likely that before your pregnancy you weren’t doing much to support and protect your back – I know that I didn’t – because there is a good chance that you didn’t suffer from back pain.

But the truth is, these muscles around your back and pelvis have been getting weaker and weaker for years – long before your baby came along.

In fact, your baby has done you a huge favor in letting you know your back is weak and vulnerable. And now that you know, you can do something about it.

Blame Your Desk Chair

The main reason for this pre-pregnancy weakness is the amount of sitting we do during the day.  So, there are two things you can start doing today to address your post-baby back pain.

First, don’t sit so much.  Get up and walk at least every hour around the house, around the block, or around the office.  And in the evenings, instead of planting yourself on the couch – put that baby in the stroller and get moving.

Second, correct your sitting posture.  When you must sit, be sure your pelvis is underneath of you (not sitting back on your sitz bones), your shoulders are aligned over your pelvis, and your shoulders are pulled back.  This is the ideal position to engage your back and pelvic muscles.

In conclusion . . . whether your baby is 6 weeks or 16 years old, back pain is NOT a normal part of motherhood.  It’s true, the effects of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood do exacerbate any preexisting problem and stresses add up over time.

So, the sooner the postpartum problems are addressed the less likely you will still be suffering years from now.  For more information on treating back pain from a Postnatal Specialist, we have a free report waiting for you to look at and download with LOTS of self-help tips. . .Just click the link below

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