Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Spring in Collierville While Social Distancing


No school, working from home, stores and restaurants closed for most of the spring . . . we are all going a little stir crazy.

Although many businesses are opening back up, we are encouraged by the Centers for Disease Control to continue practicing social distancing. But being cooped up in the house all day isn’t any better for our health in the long run.

We need fresh air for healthy lungs, we need vitamin D to boost immunity, and we need to get out and move our bodies to ourselves strong and resilient.

Most of us have been getting this much needed fresh air and exercise with neighborhood walks, but anyone else tired of walking the same loop for the one millionth time? The dog is even bored of this scenery.

There are outdoor areas open in the Collierville area that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors this spring while still social distancing. Bring some hand sanitizer and avoid public equipment such as the playground and bathrooms. Otherwise, spread out and stick with your immediate family and we all will be safe.

Here are our favorite 5 things to door outdoors that are not closed in Collierville:

  1. HW Cox Tennis Complex

    Located at 440 W Powell Road, this nearly 68 acre park has 6 lighted tennis courts. This would be a great time to teach your kids a new skill or brush up on your stroke yourself. Never played tennis before? Check out this previous blog post that might convince you to start . . . Top 5 Health Benefits of Tennis (that you may not realize).

  2. Picnics at W.C. Johnson Park

    Located at Wolf Ridge Drive and Johnson Park Drive this 271-acre park has over 3.5 miles of walking trails making it the perfect place to work up an appetite before a picnic lunch.

    Although the play structures and spray park are currently closed, there is still a lot of nature to enjoy in this park.

  3. Walks or Scavenger Hunts at Hinton Park

    Hinton Park is Collierville’s newest park located on the NW corner of Holmes Road and Fleming Road. This park features vast open spaces for unstructured play and games, exercise trails, and a performance lawn.

    It’s a perfect place to social distance because I have never found it to be crowded and there are many open grassy areas for kids to play freely.

  4. Suggs Park Dog Park

    Located at 163 E. South Street you will find Collierville’s spacious and recently updated dog park. It has many amenities including a water fountain, dog waste bags, large shade trees, and separate off leash areas for both large and small dogs.

    The park is currently open daily from dawn until dusk, but it can become crowded mid afternoon and in the evenings so you might avoid those times and take along a face mask.

  5. Fishing at Herb Parson Lake

    Herb Parsons Lake is a reservoir located about 6 miles outside of Collierville in Fayette County, but close enough for a quick fishing trip.

    You will find a variety of fish including crappie, bream/bluegill, largemouth bass and catfish in the lake. Just remember to abide by Tennessee fishing restrictions and licensing guidelines.

The list could have gone on and on. We have so many amazing parks and outdoor adventures in Collierville and our surrounding area.

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