The Best Way to Stay Physically and Mentally Fit This Summer

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Time alone can be healthy and peaceful. In fact, as I write this I am enjoying being all alone in a quiet house.

But for a life of true fulfillment, we must include time spent with others as well.  The companionship, laughter, and accountability help us stay fit in our bodies as well as our minds. 

For a balanced lifestyle that promotes your happiness, include activities with others that keep you sharp physically and mentally. Luckily, in the summer your choices for fun activities that promote companionship are almost endless.

Staying Mentally Fit This Summer

Summer is a great time to be outside. But when the rain comes or the temperatures become too hot for outdoor activity, summer provides you with a chance to relax and develop your mind instead.

When your body is physically worn out from the long days and physical activity of summer, go inside for mental games that challenge your creativity, focus, and concentration. That way, your mind will experience the same summer growth and renewal as your body.

It’s easy to forget some of the mentally challenging activities you have available at this time of year. Here are a few life-giving choices you might not have considered:

  • Go shopping with friends for games to play together
  • Kindly debate an issue that you’re passionate about
  • Ask others to share about something that’s important to them
  • Learn something new together. 
  • Organize a book club.

The key to making the most of this summer is to take advantage of the social opportunities around you. Stretch your imagination and take full advantage of the companionship of others during these slower days of summer.

Balancing Physical Fitness in the Summer

Summer is the season to be physically active in the outdoors. Beach volleyball, running, and cycling are popular activities that get your heart pumping and your body moving. But slowing down and balancing those strenuous activities with rejuvenating ones is important too. 

A long walk with a friend, swimming with your kids, or visiting a park with the whole family provides an opportunity to move while not overtaxing your body (especially in the heat).  The bonus to these activities is the stimulating conversation that will keep your mind sharp.

The key is to balance activities that work the body with those that restore it.  But, whether it’s a pickup basketball game, a yoga class in the park, or picnic with friends you will be staying both physically and mentally fit with the help of your friends. 

Spending time with others allows you to learn more about them and connect with them on a deeper level. Seek opportunities to share your summer with others. If you do, you’ll continually improve physically and mentally. 


One of the biggest concerns we hear at the clinic is this “I don’t feel like I can keep up with my friends like I used to”. 

Often, due to pain or decline in physical fitness people fear not being able to golf, walk, or vacation with their friends.  Noone wants to feel older than they are and no one wants to lose that social outlet. 

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