10 Ways to Deal with Insomnia When You Can’t Get Comfortable

Woman In Bed Looking at Alarm Clock

The occasional episode of insomnia isn’t unusual for the average person. Everyone struggles to fall asleep at times. It can be frustrating to just lie in bed wanting nothing other than to just fall asleep. The longer it takes, the more anxious you become about it.
Unfortunately, those with joint pain, back aches, muscle soreness from a work out, or are recovering from an injury often suffer on a regular basis. Sure, we can all survive a few nights of poor sleep, but it becomes increasingly troublesome when night after night you can’t seem to get comfortable.
It’s not just a night time problem either. Lack of sleep makes everyday life – and our bodies ability to recover from the pain or injury – more challenging. This makes it a problem too important to ignore for long. If aches, pains, or discomfort are keeping you up at night, don’t take the mistaken belief that this is “just a part of life” or worse “a part of getting older”.
You can take an active approach when dealing with insomnia and here are our 10 tips.

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