Tips to Take Care of Mom This Mother’s Day


Moms are beautiful, unique, brave, courageous, loving, and selfless. But, they often feel so fabulous. More often than not, moms tell me they feel stressed, burned out, frustrated, exhausted, and guilty.

Let’s take some extra time this mother’s day to take care of the mom in your life. No matter if that is your mom, spouse, sister, friend, or neighbor. If you haven’t acknowledged her hard word and sacrifice since last year at this time, it is long over due to show mom some love with some extra special self care.

  1. Make It a Spa Day

    Pamper mom with a day of rest and relaxation. This could be at an actual spa or arrange to do nails, foot soaks, and facials at home. The hustle and bustle of everyday life makes it difficulty for mom to do these things that rejuvenate on a regular basis.

  2. Learn Something New Together

    Mom’s hobbies often go out the window when carpool and play dates become the priority. Take some time to learn something new with her like dance lessons, a painting or cooking class. This will expand your minds and create amazing memories.

  3. Give the Gift of Exercise

    Don’t send mom out on a 5 miles run. Instead, give her the gift of a few yoga classes, a private Pilates session, the boot camp membership she has been wanting, or an online exercise subscription. Just remember, this should be something she would enjoy not what you want her to do. This will give mom an extra excuse to move her body and improve her confidence.

  4. Arrange for Bath Time

    Give mom the time, space, and resources to take a relaxing bath. A gift of Epsom salts, essential oils, and maybe an hour of babysitting will result in an overdue detox, relaxed muscles, and a clearer mind.

  5. Give her Some Sleep

    When I ask moms of young children what they want most for mother’s day they usually tell me – a nap. Buy her a sleep mask and download relaxing music or a meditation, then keep the kids away for a few hours for a nap or offer to put the kids to bed so she can hit the sack early.

  6. Keep Her Connected

    One of the healthiest things a mom can do is to keep connected with friends. Unfortunately, the busy schedule gets overloads and times for a chat or coffee dwindle. Set up an hour a week where the kids will be taken care of and she can make a lunch date or plan a walk with a friend.

  7. Show her Some Gratitude

    Writing a daily gratitude list can be encouraging and therapeutic, so this might be as helpful for you as it is for her. Make a list, write a letter, or just journal your thoughts about what you appreciate about the mom in your life. Whenever she reads this she will get a little boost of happiness and motivation.

Maybe you are a mom and thinking that no one in your life is going to think of doing these things for you. I truly wish you had the support of someone to care for you on mother’s day or any day. But, you can treat yourself to any of things without the permission of any one else. When we care for ourselves, we show up as better moms, wives, friends, and coworkers.