How to Stop Running in Fear After an Injury



This comment came in from a member of a local running club, wanting to know how to find the confidence again to run after an injury:

“I liked your recent blog post on knee injuries, and I’m doing what you suggested. I’m continuing to train, but a lack of confidence is a big issue for me now. When I run, I fear that each little twinge is the injury flaring up again. I find myself slowing down, walking, or even stopping altogether. When can I be sure my injury is cured? How do I know if the pain is even the same injury?”

Let me say that not a single athlete I’ve ever met doesn’t at some point fear an old injury reoccurring. The fear factor is a real one for many runners. However, each person has different reasons for the “fear”.

If you’re a Pro Athlete, it’s your participation in big events and future career that hangs in the balance. If you’re a weekend athlete it means just as much. You don’t want to miss social runs or the endorphin rush from running.  And there is no chance you will give up reaching that PR or the healthy lifestyle you want to maintain.

How do you stop the fear from taking over?

Simple, by knowing you’re doing all the right things to recover and remain strong.

For example, if you get on a once broken airplane that is patched up with a “let’s hope for the best” kind of method, by people you don’t really trust, you won’t be sitting easy for that flight. What happens when turbulence comes along (the equivalent of that twinge in your knee)? Chances are you’re going to break out into a cold sweat from fear.

However, if you’re confident that the problem is fixed correctly, by someone who had seen that same problem thousands of times before you’d sit back and relax. They would assure you the problem really is fixed and let you know it’s safe to fly again. You’d be in a much better position to enjoy your in flight entertainment even if some turbulence occurs.

What’s the moral of the story?

We see so many people not giving themselves the best chance of staying active and healthy, because they don’t seek the best advice. This “advice” should include a description of exactly what you should be feeling and when. You should be walked through exactly what you’re likely to experience at every stage of your recovery. This is often a case of “do this . . . but don’t do that”.

If you follow all the expert tips, do all the exercises, follow through on the recovery plan, and take note of the signs you should look out for, then the chances of “running with fear” are reduced drastically.

When it comes to your health, and fitness, and future lifestyle prosperity there is no substitute for putting yourself in a room with an expert. You can do that this week by requesting a FREE Discovery Session with one of our Doctor’s of Physical Therapy.  Click HERE to request a session, as these spaces are limited.

It will be worth it to run and live without fear of re-injury!