Aging Well with Dr. Amanda Ling, PT

Aging Well with Dr. Amanda Ling, PT

C.S. Lewis says, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”.

But, what gets in the way of those goals and dreams is often aches, pains, illness, or low energy.  How do we then age well, continue to pursue our goals and dreams, without these setbacks?

Aging is a process linked to genetics, previous injuries, lifestyle, and an accumulation of stress resulting in muscle weakness, tension, and poor postures. I believe it is possible to interrupt this process at any stage of the game.  No matter what age you are now, you can take action today to protect your muscles, movement, bones, vitality, and active life.

Don’t wait until you start to see or feel a decline. You need to condition your body on a regular basis outside of your typical routine.  In this way, when your body is challenged in an everyday activity (shoveling snow, running to catch a plane, or moving a heavy box) your body isn’t overwhelmed. If not conditioned properly on a regular basis, your body will fail you when put under this stress of everyday life.

Today we discuss Strategies to Age Well without Falls or Pain by Optimizing Strength & Vitality with Amanda Ling, doctor of physical therapy and certified functional nutrition specialist.