Essentials of Exercise and Hormones for Women with Amanda Ling

Essentials of Exercise and Hormones for Women with Amanda Ling

Over the past 100 years, research has been plentiful when it comes to the benefits of exercise and how to get the most out of your efforts.  Unfortunately, nearly all of that research was done on young, healthy, college-age men.

Age, gender, hormones, and general wellness play a huge role in whether your body responds positively or negatively to a certain exercise.  The activities I performed in my 20’s no longer energize me and the training I do today will probably no longer work to shed stubborn fat a decade from now.

So, this solo episode is going to focus on women, exercise, and the role hormones play in helping you look and feel your best.

We want to give you some hope today! Don’t think that just because of your age, weight, or any health issues that your body, fitness, and metabolism are doomed.  With proper nurturing, your female body can be quite powerful no matter your age. 

It’s just me and you today ladies . . . physical therapist and nutrition specialist Dr. Amanda Ling discusses how women can optimize their exercise and hormones to finally thrive.

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