Digestion 101: The Missing Piece to Reaching Optimal Health

Digestion 101: The Missing Piece to Reaching Optimal Health


On this months podcast we have Mandy Nelson, a board certified doctor of naturopathy, personal trainer and fitness coach for over 15 years. As an athlete and active mom of two teenagers, she enjoys helping others lock down a successful course of action for getting health. She is currently a trainer and natural health practitioner at Elite Level in Collierville, Tennessee.

In today’s episode, she shares her passion for natural digestive health. She believes that “fake foods”, our over-stressed lifestyles, as well as tech and sleep habits contribute to a body that has difficulty absorbing the nutrients we consume in our food. Maybe we aren’t actually what we eat but what we absorb. In addition, she teaches us how we can better take care of our gut to keep our whole body healthy.

In today’s interview you will learn:

  • How many of our country’s most common health issues can be solved by fixing the gut.

  • Why most adults are having a hard time digesting their food

  • Why we aren’t getting everything our body needs from our food and even supplements

  • How our bodies pH as tested through urine contributes to our health

Find out more about Elite Level and Mandy Nelson at their website www.elitelevelperformance.com

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