Functional Medicine Fact vs. Fiction

Functional Medicine Fact vs. Fiction


This month on A Healthier Mid South, we have Kate Gassaway a board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner and earned both her RN and MSN from University of Memphis. She entered the healthcare through a conventional family practice hoping for the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

The more time she spent cycling patients through the practice and writing prescriptions, the more she felt that she was simply treating symptoms and not finding the root cause of her patient’s illnesses. This drove Kate to open Solutions Medical where each and every patient can receive the personal care they need.  It has grown to be a “one stop shop” where patient’s can look and feel their best and where functional medicine works alongside advanced aesthetics.

In today’s interview you will learn:

  • What is functional medicine?

  • Debunk myths about conventional medicine.

  • Why you might want a functional practitioner on your healthcare team?

To learn more about Kate Gassaway and Solutions Medical you can visit them at

For more information on Functional Medicine you can visit the Institute for Functional Medicine at  or Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic